Plans for Our Old Age

Well folks, how are you all? Very often, I interact with the aging people and find out that they are filled with immense apprehension about their retirement age. Such as, what they would do after their retirement, how they would they spend their time, they are reluctant to go to their children’s places as they have their own lives. Apart from that they feel aloof in the new places and in new neighborhoods. There are several questions which cloud their minds and these multiply their tension.
Well, they are right, up to a certain extent. After spending several years of a routine life, they are scared of not having any disciplined life as they would have abundance of time after their retirement. Their children wish them to be busy so that they don’t feel alienated and bored but what should they do?
Let me share a real story with you all. Last week, I happened to visit my relative who lives in my city only. He is retired and has his wife, only son, his working daughter-in-law and two sweet granddaughters. Everybody in his family is busy so after retirement he had a sort of uneasiness to not have the same routine life. Though he loves to play with the little angels yet he had a burning desire to do something which keeps him occupied and let him have the same vigorous life.

So, when I visited his place, he invited me to see his small terrace garden. I went upstairs and was surprised to see his vitality with which he was showing me the plants and sapplings.
It seemed as if these plants were his children.  I was overjoyed to see his hard work and energetic spirit for gardening for which he had used each and every corner of his terrace (second and third floors).
Most interestingly, he used his innovation to decorate the place, as he had used the old and discarded things (such as old motors, wash basin, old shower to water the plants etc) of his house.

Hukka (which was really very old) and the old containers for planting the saplings  (picture below).

Each and every vacant corner was utilized intelligently that even the space under the retaining walls were also filled with soil to plant bogunvalia. 

Hence, through this blog of mine, I would like to focus on our attitude. Life flows along with the flying time so we have two options: one is to live the new day abruptly or to plan for new day beforehand to retain the vigor for the upcoming day.
If we are willing to live a disciplined and busy life, there’re several ways. So the aging people, waiting for their retirement (or the retired ones), do not need to be stressed out as they can lead to extraordinary lives if they change their attitude. We need to find out the things which we wish to do.

Change is the Law of Nature. So change your attitude and live a meaningful life.

Best Wishes!
Mamta Sharma,
#MIRA (Mai.ra)


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