I'll Fulfil All My Dreams!!!!

I'll Fulfil All My Dreams!!!!

Dear Friends,
Thank you all for reading my blog. Well, today I overheard two young fellows talking to each other regarding their miserable lives. They might be in their early twenties and were sitting just behind me in a restaurant. Their discussion about vicious life bewildered me enormously. I felt extremely sorry to see their pessimism and dejection. However, I know that many times, our life doesn’t go the way, we’ve planned, yet we should not feel vulnerable. We can’t allow the nasty happenings to make us sway with them.
So friends, my today’s discourse is about how to refrain ourselves from crumbling while struggling with the negative people, negative utterances, and negative occurrences.

Don’t Visualise Painful Past Constantly

Well, I often feel that we prefer to rewind the stories of crisis or catastrophe without knowing how badly they affect our future. During my motivational speeches, I come across people who emphasise their never ending problems and this really devastates me. We should remember that negativity, like a magnet attracts more pessimism due to which our enthusiasm level deteriorates. Let me state that no lock is without a key and no problems is without a solution.

Have Faith and you’ll Find Him Around

Oh Gosh, how to tell you all that we are not alone. Yes, we’re never ever alone. I may sound unbelievable to you but I feel a pleasant, mystic power in me when I wake up in the morning. The thought, ‘I’m Alive’ makes me more grateful to Him.   I express my gratitude towards the Almighty for giving me an opportunity to live, learn, and create. I feel Him around me and this fills me with a positive strength.

Stop Uttering Negative Words

Friends, we must be familiar with our weaknesses and we should make persistent efforts to overcome them. But the tendency, to utter the negative words about our appearance, communication skills, background, poverty, knowledge, and the lack of opportunities etc, plays as an obstacle on our way to progress. So if we desire to stretch ourselves then we’ll have to get rid of this futile habit. We should not suffer from the victim mentality as it will make us stuck in the same turbulence throughout our lives.

How to have Concrete Self-belief

I heard Mark Zuckerberg saying how it is a good sign to fail in the Silicon Valley as failures enrich our experience which leads us to success. Friends, failure or problems strengthen our inner spirit which helps us to fight against the odds. But what should be done to have the concrete self-belief?

Positive Self-Talk

We must start our positive self-talks. You might feel awkward to read about it but let me say that our conversation with our self helps us tremendously in reinforcing our determination. Well, I have several testimonies which exhibit how people fulfilled their dreams after following this wonderful practice.

Real Success Stories

We can read the life stories of those who carved a niche despite having several storms and crisis in their lives. So we’ll have to get our eyes off the storm, we’re grappling with at this juncture, and should plan out strategically to find out the solution.

At the End

So till out next meeting, take care of your ‘self’. Be healthy and happy and avoid speaking negative things about your life, career, habits, or family. Speak the positive words such as I’ll fulfil all my dreams, I’m strong, optimistic, and beautiful. Nothing can stop me to excel and to accelerate my progress. Practice and see the miracles happening in your lives…

Mamta Sharma



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