पिक्चर अभी बाक़ी है...!!!!

पिक्चर अभी बाक़ी है...!!!!

Dear Students,
Today, I wish to talk about the goals of your life. I know all of you are very energetic and exuberant at this juncture as now you don't have a disciplined school-life. Moreover, you have a sense of freedom, when you think you won't be scrutinised by each and everyone. You are young and innovative and you don't get bothered about anything. What a wonderful phase it is!!!
But my dear students, apart from leading to joyous and colourful life, you've an unseen and invisible responsibility. Do you ever think about it? I don’t know what your answer is going to be but let me say that the success of your entire future depends on this answer. 

Well, we didn't have our control over the choices where we'd be born, who would be our parents, which school we would attend, or what we'd be named as but still there're several other things which can be bridled  by us. We can be the directors of our movie...the movie of our lives. 

So, I wish you all to pay heed to the following things apart from your studies:
Take Care of Your ‘self’
Today, while training my MBA students, I asked them a question about how many of them took their breakfast before leaving for their college. And to my surprise, several students came to college without having their breakfast. So my suggestion to all of them was 'Take care of your ‘self’'. To condition our body is the very first requisite essence for our successful future. We must be familiar with what we eat, what kind of habits or life-style we have. We should read books since feeding our minds play a vital role for a better career. We all know that God has given us two ears and one tongue so that we speak less and listen more. Hence, listening to our ideas will help us collect good lessons which are helpful in designing our life. We should take care of our family and friend because they our support system in the hour of crisis. If we have big goals to achieve then it's significant to take care of our physical, mental and emotional well-being. So we can't expect for a magic from an unhealthy person. 
Self-learning is the second step in our journey of success. We should make our goals that help us to enhance our knowledge, confidence, and self-motivation. Learning a foreign language, learning how to play a musical instrument, singing, acting, or writing a journal can make us valuable. Enhancing our value requires our time, attention and efforts. We should keep reminding ourselves of our goals and it is better, if we journal them and keep repeating them. Self-growth provides us with happiness which only our 'self' can realise.  We can easily assess our increasing self-transformation self-esteem.
Be Positive
We may have very limited resources in our lives yet we should take complete control of our lives. We can train ourselves to be constructive and positive during difficult hours. We can watch motivational videos or movies to uplift our morale. God has gifted us with immense energy and we are capable enough to change the direction of our lives.  

So till our next meeting, love yourself, be happy and healthy. Take 100% responsibility of your life because only you can change the course of your life. 
Mamta Sharma
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