Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

I could see new young boys and girls strolling around on campus, giggling and having fun. All of them seem obsessed about how they looked. I mean they all were too concerned about their appearance and looks. Few of them seemed nervous, timid and very shy to open up. Naturally it’s tough for most of them to cope with the new environment as they had come far from their families and cities for the first time in their lives. But after a fortnight, I find an entirely new scenario, as many of them seem to have found their dream partner. Attraction for different sex is very obvious and there’s nothing wrong yet before we land up in a new relation, we should ponder about it thousand times. After befriending with someone special, we don’t feel at ease since we keep thinking about him or her constantly. We don’t wish to part with him/her even not for a minute. Gradually, no relation seems as stable or firm as this newly formed relation and this persistent thought makes us aloof and we intend to spend time either with that person only or we prefer to live in solitude. But then something happens and our dreams shatter. After spending lots of time with our partner we change our perception about him/her. And now feel that this is not the person we were in constant search of. We feel ditched and cheated. We try to assess and reassess what went wrong between us. This impacts our personality positively or negatively. I mean when we break up with that someone special, we either feel tormented or become pessimist and swear never to trust anyone in the world.
Let’s have a look over certain aspects which show we are associated with the wrong person and we must come out of it.
  • Damaging Behaviour of our Partner

If we feel that our partner’s behaviour is affecting our self-esteem in a negative way, we should try to perceive the problems in the relationship. Such as incessant criticism and nagging makes us lose our self-confidence. Surely there’s no formality is a true relationship yet if our partner is taking our courtesy for granted repeatedly then this an alarming bell.
  • If Our Relationship is One-sided:

Sometimes, in a relationship, we feel that our relationship has fallen off as there’s no return of our favours to our partners. Actually we don’t establish a relationship for the sake of favours yet if we’re not valued in a relationship, we hurt our self-esteem badly.
  • If Our Friend is Always Doubtful

Many a time our partners don’t allow us to be in touch with the friends outside our relation. This is a sign of jealousy and insecurity.  So if there’s no personal space in a relation, then there’s no use to carry it. I often meet boys or girls who are undergoing such problems in their relation and this drastically affect the self-value of the other person. We should naturally enjoy our relation and there shouldn’t be dominance.
  • Dishonesty

If our partner doesn’t have integrity then there’s sign of not coming back. I mean our fundamental virtues include honesty and integrity in absence of which we’re no better than animals. Our feelings, emotions and integrity must have reciprocal favours and if despite our best efforts, we’re being ignored or devalued then we must get ready to say goodbye to such partners.
  • At the End

Well folks, we should consider ourselves lucky if we have right soul tie. Yet we shouldn’t feel devastated or disappointed if we plunge in a wrong association. We should take time to determine who could be our best partner and in case our decision proves wrong, we should muster our courage to come out of that relationship.


  1. Truely said ma'am!!
    It was really something that struck us deep.

  2. Thanks Sarim. Actually we need to know about the kind of person, we're associated with. This is important for living a better and successful life.


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