I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

Energetic, vivacious, exuberant, and chirping students on college campus remind me of my college days. The wonderful days when we consider ourselves the conquerors as our minds are buzzed with the revolutionary thoughts. We presume that we can achieve anything and everything and we all live with such thoughts constantly (probably till the age 27-28). We really don’t notice when our dreams turn into the nightmares. Our vision about success is entirely unusual since we think that it will come to us naturally. We intend to achieve each and every goal but without any preparation. Indeed, we have big and peculiar dreams but we're not fully prepared to fulfill them. Most of us are unfamiliar with our actual potential, real dreams, and specific plans to achieve those goals.  So, the best time of our lives is spent in following the herd (being the followers), making wrong choices, imitating what others are doing, and pulling off nothing at the end. We are left bewildered thinking what mistake we made! And then each of us states, ‘I wish I had known the reality during my early 20s!!!
Hence, there’re several reasons due to which we keep lagging behind and fail to secure the best outcome from ourselves.

  • We Follow The Crowd
This is a very common phenomenon. We prefer to do the same things in the same way with the same people now and then. We hardly exhibit fresh ideas or take premeditated risks. On account of which neither we’re capable to exhibit our leadership skills nor do we determine the incredible opportunities. The best time of our lives goes in vain and unfortunately we don’t perceive it. But later, we say to ourselves, “I wish I had known the reality during my early 20s!!!"

Success Doesn’t Come Naturally

I heard a well-known motivational speaker saying that success is not something we stumble upon. It’s something we plan for. We all wish to succeed yet we don’t have any strategic blueprint or foolproof scheme for our success.  Opera says, “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” So, are we ready for the opportunities that we may come across? Only waiting and yearning about the best possible opportunity in our life or career prepares us for failure not for success. Or at the end of the day we'll say, "Had I known this reality during my early 20s.!!!"
Till my next blog, take care of yourself, be happy and healthy and love yourself. Merely living in fantasies can't help in achieving our goals, so we need to prepare ourselves for the next step which could change our lives fully.  

Mamta Sharma
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