Pain of Discipline Vs Pain of Regret!!!

Everybody seems busy and occupied these days. Work is worship and we can’t survive without work.  Agreed! In order to live a fantastic life and to support our families, we’ll have to work longer and harder. Hence, our life is confined to certain boxes; I mean we all are trapped in the similar rut of life. Our day commences with commuting from our houses to workplaces and ends with coming back exhausted and worn out. So, having the same routine often aggravates our pain. Moreover, many of us return home with the unfinished assignments which are to be discussed the next day. Whenever we’re free, we keep scheduling and planning for how to succeed. We strive to focus on perfection in all the aspects of our lives. In this whole process, we skip our meals very often without thinking about our health. We manage to take out time for our meetings but we find it tough to find out time for our health check-up. Where are we heading to? Should we be glad to see our constant growth? What about our physical and mental well-being?  Where are we lacking? What is our real goal?
  • Be Disciplined

Well, friends, we must look after our bodies and minds like a rider takes care of his horse to win a race. Why do we fail to notice the most vital thing on which our entire life depends? This is Discipline. We have two options: be disciplined or regret later. Let me mention here that both these options result in immense pain. The first sort of pain is hard to bear but has wonderful results whereas the other kind of pain is laced with the painful and debilitating repercussion which blocks the road to success. So, it’s indispensable for us to comprehend what we wish to prefer if it’s pain of discipline or pain of repentance. This is all our choice which sort of pain we can endure.
  • Pain of Being Disciplined 
Being disciplined is not a child’s play because we have to relinquish the habits which prevent us to think about our betterment, for instance, to wake up early, to meditate, having our breakfast on time, taking out time for our family, to go out for a walk, reading some inspirational book so on and so forth. If we’re adamant to inculcate any such habit, we must be prepared to feel the pain. During biting cold, getting up early to exercise when everybody else around us is sleeping really requires lots of audacity and intense yearning to excel physically and mentally. Brian Tracy, a motivational Guru says, good habits are hard to form but easy to live with whereas bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.' If we're committed to our goals then bearing pain of discipline will become lesser so in other words, if we really wish to change our life then we'll have to be ready to go through this pain.  
  • Pain of Regret 

Pain of regret is wastage of time which is unbearable. Later, we're left with no option but to repent. What we are today, it is because of our past habits or decisions. Hence (God forbids) if we're going through the crisis pertaining to financial issues, health issues or emotional breakdown then we can have a quick glance at our past habits. Though, we shouldn't replay the past instances yet pondering about our past mistakes can pacify us. So now when we are living the same monotonous lives without any new positive change, we should reconsider our routine and habits so that we can find new possible ways to trasnform the  course of our lives. 
  • Bust one Habit at Time

Friends, let’s try to bust one bad habit at a time. In order to kick a bad habit, we can restrict it for 1 week first. Gradually, we can replace 1 week with 2 or 4 weeks.  This practice needs lots of patience and determination to fulfil our goals. Although it’s tough yet we can just practice it.
  • Make a Journal

We can make a list of the habits that we’re adamant to kill and we can make short term goals to fulfil the long time goals. For example, if at this point we are determined to lose weight then we’ll have to include regular exercise sessions in our routine. We’ll have take out 20 minutes daily to exercise. Following a strict diet can also help us to be in shape.

  • Bad Habit to be Replaced With a Healthy Habit

We'll have to find the triggers which provoke us to not to be committed to our decisions. Suppose we're in a habit of eating junk food, we can figure out when we are unable to resist ourselves. We can think about some alternatives which could replace our junk food. 
  • At the End 
There're many other ways that can sink in a bad habit but the most important thing is our commitment to our own decisions. We'll have to loyal to our decisions. We'll have to remind us of the repercussions of a bad habit on our health and life. We must remember if we change, everything will change. So till our next interaction, take care of yourself.

Mamta Sharma


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