Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!!

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!!

Hello Friends,

How are you all? What’s new? Let me share something which plays a requisite role in our lives and this is our ‘Self Image’. Our self-image decides success or failure in our lives. Yesterday, while conducting a class for my post-graduating students, a very absurd thing happened. Actually, each and every student had his/her turn to speak about the 'turning point' in his/her life. Everybody was performing well and this gratified the teacher inside me. Only a very few students were remaining for their presentations. But no sooner, a boy came on the dais to share his experience; a very bright girl of the class started smiling which made the boy so nervous and restless that he forgot what he was prepared with. He got stuck and refused to utter a single word. I tried my level best to inspire the boy so that he could continue with his speech but it was in vain. He didn’t budge. Till this time, the girl who was smiling also became serious and later, she said sorry to the boy in front of the entire class. After the class got over, I discussed the matter with both the students, and the girl told me that she was smiling because of some funny incident which took place just before my class yet the boy’s misinterpretation changed the whole scenario. 

So folks, this is a very common phenomenon which takes place very often in our lives. I mean we try to perceive our image the way others’ perception which is entirely ridiculous. Moreover, we are never satisfied with ourselves since many of us love to evaluate where we’re lacking in terms of success and materialistic acquirement. Our self-image is how we portray ourselves and the crux of the matter is that we, deliberately, emphasise what we don’t possess. This habit of ours deteriorates the situation.

So let’s discuss what reveals that a person is going through the problem of low self-esteem. This is a psychological problem which never lets a person to be at ease.
  • Self-criticism

A person with low self-belief likes to criticize him/herself as such a fellow is never satisfied with what he/she has. It’s very tough situation because several other problems such as jealousy, hatred, irritation, inferiority complex etc start bothering him/her.
  • Uncanny Behavior

Because of self-accusing nature, such person behaves abnormally. I mean, he/she detests people laughing or talking when he/she is not the part of the group. The thought that his criticism is everybody’s sole concern, makes him/her more worried and upset. Hence, he/she prefers loneliness and isolation which has an intense impact on his nature and behavior.
  • Body Language

Very often, we find different body language in such people for instance flawed posture or gestures. They don’t feel confident enough to maintain eye-contact with the people, they are talking to.
  • Poor E.Q.

In the present scenario, we comprehend the increasing significance of Emotional Quotient and we can see people working hard to have a better control over their emotions. Yet people with poor self-image hardly have any control over their emotions such as anger, annoyance, sadness etc. This problem affects their success enormously.
  •  At The End

So till our next meeting, take care of your 'self'. Be happy and healthy and try to figure out how much importance you give to yourself. Do you really love the way you are? How do you behave with you when you don't succeed? Do you often compare you with others in terms of their life style, facilities, or physical appearance? If the answer is 'YES' then you must go through the remaining part of this blog, which I'll post tomorrow. 

Mamta Sharma



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