ये दिल मांगे More!!!

Self-Investment for Self-Enhancement!!!

Hello Friends,
How are you all? Well, yesterday I happened to meet a young girl who is pursuing her B.Tech. in Computer Science and I could see how passionate and determined she was for a wonderful career. The girl lost her parents and now she’s entirely inclined towards her goal-achievement. On this Rakshabadhan, her brother gave her Rs. 3,000/- to buy a dress but that tiny girl decided to invest that money in a course of Advanced JAVA which was required for skill-enhancement. So, through this small instance, I would like to draw your attention towards how right investment in ourselves can help us to gauge the unfathomable sky.

  • We should be Mindful while Spending Money

So, today’s blog is about Self-Investment for self-transformation and a wonderful future. We, especially youth, are extravagant and keep wasting money without giving a damn. 
  • What Plans do we've?

What future plan do we have for our career? If we’re pursuing some course at this juncture then what strategies we have made to excel in our respective fields? Do we know about our dream companies where we desire to be placed? Apart from our studies, are we focusing on the course, training, or internship for our skill-enhancement? If we know, what extra efforts are we making to go the extra miles in our professional lives? There are several questions which we must answer to and no one else can take up this responsibility for our better career. 
  • 3 Cs

Today, I have come up with 3 Cs which can help us to accelerate our progress.
  1. Commitment
  2. Complement not Criticize
  3. Competition with Self

Commitment:  Commitment means promise, pledge or vow and here I’m talking about commitment with us. What promises we’ve made with ourselves for a better life, better career and better personality? Presently, the word ‘Committed’ is interpreted superficially but if understood properly; it can transform our life entirely.

Complement not Criticize: Self-complement plays a vital role for over-all personality development. We must acknowledge our shortcomings because chiding ourselves consistently won’t solve the purpose. We must pat us for our achievements and must vow to not to repeat indecision or infirmity which cause inefficiency.

Competition with Self: We’re habitual of comparing us with others and this, sometimes, affects our competence and effectiveness. There’s nothing wrong if others’ success inspires us still we require to compete ourselves over the changing time span. Where do we see ourselves one or two years from now? Is our progress is consistent or stagnant? Are we in the same position since very long? If yes, then this is warning bell and we must introspect its causes.
  • At the End

So till our next meeting, take care of yourself and love yourself. Be healthy and happy. Friends, being average means living an average life. If we wish to acquire more, we'll have to invest in ourselves more. Hence, if ये दिल मांगे More...then we'll have to become more in terms of skills, education, training, and development. 

Mamta Sharma


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