Be Unstoppable!!!

Friends, since childhood, it was my hobby to watch the eagles flying high in the unlimited sky. The most surprising thing about them was they could fly without flapping their wings. They seemed gliding lazily but once I read somewhere that while flying, it is actually very active and agile and if we watch its movements through binocular then we find its outer wing feathers and tail feathers in constant motion which helps it to steer through moving wind currents.

So, making efforts to steer us in to the right direction is mandatory since we can't attain anything effortlessly. During my training sessions, people discuss their problems such as despite lots of efforts, they are not able to achieve their goals and hence they are thinking to quit. Their impatience bewilders me because a new venture or learning a new skill requires our patience, time, and lots of attention.  

Secret to Achieve your Goals 

  • Self-Belief Helps Us To Be Successful

Actually, due to our ignorance, we focus more on outside happenings and we ignore the inside strength which plays a decisive important role in our success. One of the basic hindrances on our way to success is the lack of self-belief. ‘I can do it.’ ‘I will do it’. ‘I’m unstoppable’.  We can enhance our strength by making these sentences our dictum. These will unquestionably help us in strengthening our self-belief.
  • Repetition Of Our Motto Over And Over

This sounds weird and absurd to us yet this works. Whatever we wish to acquire must keep replaying in our minds. Suppose, someone wants to improve his communication skills must repeat this goal over and over in his mind. This is no magic. Actually persistent repetition of our goals doesn’t let us to be at ease. This makes us uncomfortable which results in the appropriate efforts and as I mentioned earlier efforts never go in vain.
  • Conversation With Successful People

Interaction with successful people fills us with great energy. Our conversation with such people provides us with a new affirmation to our yearning of goal achievement. Their success story prepares us to take risks and to make constant action. They are successful today but they would have started somewhere. I mean how they started or what they did to achieve their goals can be a constructive and valuable lesson for us.
  • Reading Leadership Books

We may not have an inborn gift of leadership but this can be acquired with efforts. We must include reading in our routine. Books on leadership facilitate our efforts to be expert in our prospective fields. Brain Tracy says, "Books contain a wealth of riches that can enable you to function at a much higher level." So reading for 20-30 minutes can change our entire life.
  • Time Is Money

We all know this yet fail to follow. Time wastage is a fundamental interruption to achieve success. We must have a small calendar to remind us of our promise with ourselves. I mean the schedule that we’ve fixed for our goal-achievement. We can prevent us from killing our time if we wish to be unstoppable.
  • Practice Determinedly 

If we practice the skill we wish to acquire, it can help us up to a great extent. Practice makes a man perfect is a well-known fact yet we find it a very monotonous and fatigued activity. But reminding us of the final results can motivate us. Intrinsic encouragement is immense and unlimited. This never ever let us forget our high priority i.e. the goals, we yearn to achieve for ourselves. 
  • Association With The Right People

We know that Human is a social animal and can't survive without company. It proves that company is a must in our lives but one thing which we mustn't forget that association with a wrong or negative person can mess up our entire plan for a successful life. Therefore we must be cautious while picking a friend or companion. 

At the End 

Three days ago, one BS student of mine came up to me and said, 'Ma'am, I read your blogs and let me tell you that they are good. But I feel that they are like sermons as there're lots of 'musts'. I smiles and kept mum. So, my today's message is we require to replace our 'Shoulds' with 'MUSTS' if we really wish to be unstoppable. So, till our next meeting, take care, love yourself. Be happy and healthy and don't forget your goal to be really unstoppable.
Mamta Sharma


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