Being Uncomfortable Leads to Success!!

Being Uncomfortable Leads to Success!!

How are you? Let me ask you if you ever feel vulnerable. Do you ever find yourself out of your comfort zone? So what do you do to survive in such a situation? Despite our yearning to move ahead and progress rapidly with the changing span of time, many of us get scared when we are out of our secured position. 

What is comfort zone?

Yes our today’s discussion is about COMFORT ZONE. Friends, comfort zone refers to be in a secured position which most of us love to be. I had read somewhere that real life happens out of comfort zones. If we expand our arena by coming out of our comfort zones, we will surely reach the pinnacle of success.

What happens when we are out of secured position?

While training the under-privileged children in an English class, I could experience the discomfort; the students were going through while introducing themselves to a large audience. I come across several people who seem to lose their confidence after they are forced to be out of their secured position. However this is very obvious that the moment, we are surrounded by some unfamiliar situations or people, we start feeling a sort of awkwardness. Such situations seem uncanny , undesirable and intimidating but believe me friends letting ourselves out of comfortable situations may change our lives entirely.
So there is a million dollar question, how can we challenge ourselves? Is it possible? Indeed it is! Overcoming our insecurities and conquering our fears is very much possible. In that case, challenging ourselves physically and psychologically can fetch fruitful results. 

What to do to overcome our fear and insecurities?

I would like to share an experience of my friend Samira who was scared of bungee jumping but later she removed her fear by throwing herself into this sport. She shared her amazing sensational experience which still fills her with a new vigor to live her life without any insecurity. 
If we believe ourselves more than others, nothing can stop us. We can change our lives by having a proactive approach. We have our competition with our 'Selves' not with others. Recognising our immense inner power, being disciplined, working on our personalities are some practices which can transform our entire persona and life as well. 

Following things matter a lot.

So friends, save money and plan to travel a place you wish to, learn a language, cut out your negative self conversation, stop complaining against your body, features, complexion and consider yourself the best gift of the Almighty. In this way, you can boost your self-confidence which will make you comfortable even during the most uncomfortable situation also.

At the End

So till out next meeting, take care of yourself, be happy and healthy and love yourself and learn to challenge yourself.

Mamta Sharma



  1. Superb!! This is the biggest truth.. nobody has ever attained the desired success without coming out of comfort zone..kudos to your writing skills too! Regards, Neha

  2. Hello Mamta ,
    Very well said .... Real life begins when we get out of our comfort zone .... It's a challenge to our ownself ... & the results become memorable..... Thanks .
    Pankaj Srivastava

  3. Hello Pankaj, thanks a lot. Yes this is true that we cannot unleash our immense potential until and unless we come out to the unfamiliar situation.

  4. Wonderful thought! I really appriciate your positive attitude, Keep going with the same spirit as you are!

    1. Thank you so much Neha. I feel that positive thoughts can change our lives entirely but we think about negative instances more.


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