Preparation in Private Rewards Us in Public!!!

Hello Friends,

How are you all and how was your weekend? Well, let me ask you about your plans for your future. Would you like me to know about your future plans? If you’re reluctant to share, then no issues…but it is vitally significant to let yourself know where you see yourself two years from now. Friends, have you ever imagined this? If no, then it’s a serious issue. We’re allowed to live our lives for a very short span of time and if you’re 2o year old at this juncture, then you’re left with only about 2,500 weekends to enjoy, so what are you waiting for? Life without any goal is like running very fast without knowing about your destination. Well, don’t you think, it sounds very absurd and awkward? Making our life successful must be our first and foremost goal but we seem concerned more for each and everything except our lives, for instance, what do others think about us, what others would say if I fail, it’s our duty to appease others etc.

Folks, our today’s topic is about how to lead to a life of essence which steers us towards our success automatically. You might think why my focus is on success all the time; it is because there’s no life without success. And succeeding is in our hands, as no one can prevent us from getting ahead, if we are strong-minded to achieve it.

Our habits ensure our routine and our routine results into golden success. Let me say that practice, which we make privately, rewards us in public. We all love seeing winners, talking about them, praising them and their lives, though do we ever give any thought to their rigorous and constant training that they do before the final day? Actually it’s beyond our imagination to perceive the intensity of heart and soul, they put into their training sessions. Hence, they are rewarded for their preparation and training for which they invested time in private.

Friends, train you for the golden success. Set your goals, envision them, think about them constantly, get up early, and take care of your mental and physical well-being by doing exercise and meditation. Shake off the negative thoughts and instances by concentrating on positive thoughts and small achievements. Small achievement result into big ones. Try to have compassion and empathy…have faith in the Almighty. Read good literature and feed your minds with fine ideas. The world is yours!! You are alone during your training sessions but on your day of achievement, you will be surrounded with people all around you, clapping in standing ovation. 

Mamta Sharma


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