God Exists, if We've Faith!!!

God Exists, if We've Faith!!!

Friends, today I’d like to discuss the most ignored truth that the Almighty exists and He comes in different forms, if we’ve full faith in Him.  But in this materialistic world, we’re so occupied and overblown, that we never notice His arrival. Let me share some real instances with you all.

The previous night was a kind of horrendous one as I was running from pillar to post to get my relative admitted in a well-known hospital of my town. His condition was critical and there were no beds vacant in the Intensive Care Unit. Though I’m grateful to the Almighty, as He sent an angel who helped me by making all the arrangements. Despite the required arrangements, the doctors present there were reluctant to admit him but it is said that man proposes and God disposes.  After optimum efforts, I could manage to get him admitted. There was a constant struggle between the negativity and positivism and at last positivism won. However he is still in the hospital and critical yet I believe that he is the under observation of the Almighty and I surrender to Him.

Yesterday, when I came out of the hospital, it was half past eleven and to my surprise, the parking area was locked. I was puzzled as it was really a herculean task to get back from the hospital to my place without my own conveyance. I prayed to Him and just after 5-7 minutes, I saw a young lad coming from the opposite direction. I enquired him about how to get my vehicle back, and he said he’d the keys and he would unlock the parking gate. You may laugh at me and may call me a superstitious but I feel that He solves even the slightest problems of mine. 
Well friends, if you wish, you can also try it. Whenever you are trapped in some sticky wickets and find no way to get out of it, you just start your conversation with Him. But this is not easy for those, who ridicule this faith. Have faith that He’ll help you but don’t keep waiting for his advent as He wants you to endeavour to get a work done. So always remember, 'Ask and you shall receive.' 
Till our next meeting, take care of yourself, be happy and healthy. Love yourself and don't forget that God Exists if we've faith in Him and this faith strengthens us from within which never ever lets us down.

Mamta Sharma

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