Seeing the Bright Aspect of Death!!!

Seeing the Bright Aspect of Death!!!

Dear Friends, 
Sometimes, when everything is going smoothly and we feel gratified with the pace of our life, progress, or growth and in the meantime, something happens due to which everything seems to go topsy-turvy. So friends, today I’m going to share something which I think, may occur in our lives anytime and especially, when we’re not mentally and physically prepared for that sudden change. 

Well friends, the sudden demise of a loved one creates a vacuum in our lives and we don't know how to cope up with it. The life seems to halt, time seems to stop, and days seem to lose vigor or charm. Our mind commences questioning our existence and the meaninglessness of life. O God, we feel so helpless at this juncture of our life when words seem to lose their significance as no word can express our feelings we’re going through. 

The old memories which appeared to have lost somewhere emerge now and then and this increases the grief and level of distress. Though we can't rant or rave throughout the time but tears keep rolling down and heart seems to bleed due to the bereavement. 

Well, God forbids, any of us happen to experience such a misery but Death is something which is not in our control. Hence, it's mandatory to deal with the immense and over-brimming pain which makes our life devoid of vivacity. 

Though very tough, yet we’ll have to learn how to restructure our lives in the absence of the loved one, we’ve lost. To mold the direction of our feelings and emotions from unpleasantness to pleasantness can also help us to overcome the crippling void.

Now when, that loved one is not with us in the form of a body or mind, we can cherish the wonderful memories related to him/her. 

So till our next meeting, take care, be healthy and happy. Love yourself and rejoice each and every moment of your life with your loved ones.
Mamta Sharma


  1. V gud insight. though i agree with each and every word except one..Memories can only give us pain when some one we love departs..then how can we cherish those memories?first we need to accept that the person is no more with us and we are never going to see him\her again in our lifetime..cry as much as u want but accept it!and then The best relief could be- to find another person who is going through the same pain or has gone through the same they say shared pain is lessened..

  2. D most optimistic approach could be...ven dt person was alive he/ she was existent in dt body...nw ven dt person has left dre body dey r wid us al d tears nd laughter...blessing us...d need is jst to realize d fact


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