See How Ugly We Look!!!!

Beauty, what a wonderful word it is! Each of us yearns to achieve it. Our eyes love to see beautiful objects, our ears intend to listen to beautiful lyrics, and our heart wishes to have the most beautiful face, so on and so forth. It appears that life without beauty doesn’t exist. But unfortunately, we all often misinterpret the word ‘beauty’ since we are only familiar with the superficial meaning of this term. In order to enhance the outer beauty, we keep looking for several methods. Here, I can give many examples that prove that we all are in the constant hunt for this beautiful mirage. The situation aggravates when we get trapped in the false promises made by some newly launched cosmetic products, fairness creams, emerging dermatology centers, well-equipped beauty salons,  and fitness centers etc

Phew! But in this search, we all forget about the beauty that lies within. I mean, nothing in this world is devoid of beauty then why do we lose our confidence if we’ve dark complexion or short height or achenes on our faces or extra flab on our bodies? Many times, our confidence lessens the intensity of our flaws yet undoubtedly rigorous work is required to get rid of this ridiculous perception. Simultaneously, we can focus on the positive inborn qualities or skills. Yesterday someone told me about his lady boss who is handicapped. She lost both of her hands in an accident and now she uses her legs to write, to unlock or open her car and to operate the laptop computer. She is beautiful in a real sense. She doesn't complaint for what she doesn't have but she focuses on what she is left with. 

For acquiring beauty we must have few qualities and indeed, we can't look beautiful when we lack in these skills. Let’s discuss the significance of real beauty which we don’t think about. Let’s share when we really don’t look beautiful.
  • When We Lose Our Temper

Folks, in this world of tight schedule and tough competition, we’ve become impatience. We wish everything to happen as per our wishes and if it doesn’t happen, we show our anger, annoyance and irritation which ruins our whole personality. Let me state that our curriculum vitae and skills can’t help us to achieve the desired success until and unless we give up our habit of getting angry frequently. Beauty lies in a smiling face and we look really ugly when our face is distorted or contorted due to anger. You can see the image below :)
  • When We Are Pessimistic

A face with positivity seems confident and it manifests the real beauty. But if someone is full of negativity or pessimism, then he/she can’t look beautiful even in the best dress or full make-up. We must inculcate the skill of being positive, which will surely lead us to the path of real beauty.
  •   When We Ditch Someone

Integrity is one of the most important qualities which we, the humans, must possess and we prove to be the most repulsive fellows, when we don’t have this pivotal quality. If we’re loyal in friendship or relationship, our beauty automatically exhibits to the people around us. We know that it’s not a child’s play to cope with the crunches which sometimes crop up in a relationship and to be with someone when he/she really needs us, enhances our true beauty which makes us a wonderful human being.
  • When We Quarrel

Oh gosh! While commuting from our homes to the workplaces, we often find ourselves indulged in some brawl or argument. Sometimes a petty disagreement takes the form of a fierce scuffle, and in this process of ‘who is more powerful?’, we don’t know that our beauty evaporates into thin air. There seems no difference between humans and animals at this juncture. Beautiful is one who knows how to be calm and compose in such a situation!
  • When We’re Arrogant and Discourteous

A mild smile, a polite behavior and a simple nature is the crux of true beauty. We can’t even imagine what an ever-lasting impact, these qualities have on the people around us! Moreover, we must have a boundary defined for our behavior. When our presence makes people happy, it means we're beautiful.
  • At The End

So at the end, I would like to mention that we have immense beauty lying within yet we all appear more concerned for the outer beauty which will fade away after a certain span of time. Now this is all up to us what sort of beauty we really wish to acquire…

Mamta Sharma


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