GOD is Our Global Positioning System!!!

ये मत कहो खुदा से, मेरी मुश्किलें बडी हैं, ये मुश्किलों से कह दो, मेरा खुदा  बड़ा है.  

The lines mentioned above, refer to a philosophy...and this is the philosophy of self-belief and profound faith in the Almighty. Well friends, no storm or turbulence is bigger than our 'selves' as it is believed that God, Himself, resides inside us but due to our busy life and impurity of thoughts, we are not able to recognise Him. 

Friends, let me tell you that God is the source of immense power and energy and so we are. If we endeavour to listen to His voice persistently, we'll find out that source. Like GPS in our mobile phones or vehicles, God is the GPS of our lives. Until and unless we switch on our GPS, we can't take the advantage of this function. 

Well, all of us are familiar with the omnipresence of the Almighty yet we become restless and uncomfortable when we come in contact with problems as we feel that we're alone and helpless at the hour of crisis. So what we have to do...we have to switch on the button of consciousness to connect ourselves with the Lord. This sounds unbelievable friends, but if we have patience and faith in Him, we can easily receive His help. Though, we shouldn't stop making efforts, even when there's no ray of hope. The Almighty likes to see His people working with determination and patience without losing their audacity.

At the End, I would like to say no matter how busy we’re; we should take out time to be with Him. During our conversation with Him, we automatically receive enormous energy and courage to fight with the complicated issues; we are facing in our lives. 

So till our next meeting, take care of yourself, remain happy and healthy. Love yourself and practice to pray to Him daily so that you can live a wonderful life.

Mamta Sharma


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