Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!

Dream, Envision, and Achieve!!!

  • Winner's Attitude
“A week before leaving Rio, Sakshi Malik made her mission statement. She chose a photograph, got it framed and placed it prominently. The snapshot shows Sakshi with the tricolour in the backdrop and three words printed: I Will Win.
Late on Wednesday night, the 23 year old fulfilled her promise. 

  • Philosophy to Envision our Dreams

Well friends, the above lines are not from any fictional work. These lines prove the determination and will power of an athlete from India, whose name is Sakshi Malik. After going through her story, published in the newspapers, my faith in 'the philosophy to envision our dreams' has affirmed. Though, we can’t deny the consistent hard work, which Sakshi had done to be where she is today.

  • Be Responsible for your Deeds
Well, during motivational sessions, I often meet people who are neither gratified with the rate of their success nor with the sort of lives they are leading to. People blame others, situations, circumstances, or things for not being successful. But we must comprehend that if we’re not successful, we, and only we, are to be blamed. We can’t hold ourselves innocent in any situation, as we’re responsible directly or indirectly. Our thoughts and response to different situations has led us where we’re today.

I know all of you are still in dark. I mean, how Sakshi’s story is pertinent with the whining unsuccessful people. Hold on! It won’t take you much time in getting the clear picture.

  • Change your Attitude
I just wish to emphasise that each of us can have a better life but if we’re prepared to change our attitude and habits. Let’s allow ourselves to dream big and to envisage our dreams turning to reality. Generally what happens, that we have a dream, we strive to vision it but we fail to acquire it due to duality in our thoughts.

Actually, what need to understand what we really wish to achieve and if our dreams are realistic or not. And then starts the process of stretching ourselves.

  • Train your Mind and Body
So my today’s message is dream, envision the dream, and to stretch us achieve it. I mean for achieving our goals, we need to train our minds to vision our success and our bodies to endeavour incessantly. 

  • At the End
So till our next meeting, stay blessed, be happy, healthy, and safe. Love yourself. Don't forget to change your attitude start visioning yourself pursuing your goals.

Mamta Sharma
Quote: TOI, 19/8/16


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