Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Dear Friends,

How are you all? What’s new in your life? Well, while interacting with the diverse variety of people, I find a very common phenomenon and this is a desire to excel in life. As a motivational trainer, I feel on cloud nine to see people so desperate to achieve and to enhance their life standard. Indeed! We’ve all rights to ponder about the ways to make us joyous, healthy, and well-intended people. But friends, does this ever happen? And the answer is this happens…but it a rare occurrence. Why? And the answer is because we’re not determined to make the requisite changes in our lives.

So, my today’s blog is about why despite our best efforts, we’re not that successful. And the answer is we procrastinate. All of us seem exuberant, energetic, vibrant, and believer to achieve yet we’ve not gratified with the pace of our success. So do we’ve scarcity of talent, calibre or tenacity? Absolutely not!
Friends, let me tell you that only having intense burning desire to achieve something can’t solve the purpose. In fact, we’re not ready to change our attitude but we wish to attain a lot.

  • Stop Procrastinating
The first and foremost attribute is to get rid of our habit of procrastination. We keep delaying the execution of our plans deliberately. In our self-talks we remind ourselves 'Someday, I’ll attain that goal'. 'Someday, I’ll start exercising to be healthy or to lose weight'.'Someday, I’ll be successful.' Folks, this ‘SOMEDAY’ never comes. This is an excuse to give up on our dreams and plans. So we’ll have to believe in TODAY. There’s nothing as beautiful as TODAY as we know about today not about our future.

  • Oh Gosh, I love Sleeping

आराम बडी चीज़ है मुह ढँक  कर सोइये is the philosophy of our lives. But we don't know that sleeping is one of the biggest killers of our dreams. Taking proper rest rejuvenates us but oversleeping makes us lethargic and inactive. Until and unless, we take pains to fulfil our dreams, we can’t expect for wonderful results. It is said that nothing is impossible but what is our contribution to unleash the possibility. We are awake till late night and jump out of our beds in order to avoid being late to our colleges or workplaces. Apart from this haphazard starting of the day, we skip our workout sessions, breakfast, and even small morning prayer of gratitude which shows  our gratefulness to the Lord for keeping us alive.  So friends, oversleeping may satisfy us for a while but it has several bad side-effects on our physical and mental health. 

At the End 
So, friends, we'll have replace our 'SOMEDAY I'll...' with 'I CAN' 'I WILL' and 'I WILL HAVE TO'. Our immense energy lies within and we must set it free or it'll go waste. Take care, be happy and healthy. Love yourself and change your philosophy to change your life.

Mamta Sharma


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