Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part 2

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! 
Part 2

Hello Friends,
I thank you all for going through my blogs and giving your valuable feedback. Believe me; your comments enhance my self-esteem which helps me to delve into more new topics which are useful in making our lives better and meaningful.
So, let me continue with the same topic how poor self-esteem is a hindrance to success and how this affects our personality and lives severely. This results into self-pity which worsens the situation drastically. Since, people with poor self-esteem, become diffident, crippled, and self-centered. On account of which they suffer from several other problems such as stammering, nervousness, stage phobia, and taking initiatives etc. One of my friends, who had stage freight, shared how in his childhood, he used to hide himself under the table whenever he had his turn for speech deliverance. But later, he comprehended the significance of public speaking and he excelled at the skill of public speaking and now he trains people at this wonderful art.

There’re some reasons, why a person suffers from poor self-image such as his miserable past, financial crisis, unfavorable circumstances, life devoid of emotional support, and so on and so forth. Sometimes even not being fluent in a foreign language also causes distorted self-image. But nothing can prevent us, if we’re determined to change the course of our lives. 

Folks, we should not mess up with our lives which are so precious and valuable. I heard somewhere that we can’t fix a person who doesn’t wish to fix himself. So, if any of us is going through poor self-esteem, he should not wait for anyone else to come forward to help him. There’s no magic wand which can help him but of course, if he himself takes the responsibility of correcting his ways, nothing can stop him from going ahead.

So, what do we need to do to transform our personality? There are many simple and easy ways to do so and the very first thing is Attitude. Friends, we must change our ATTITUDE as this teaches us to how to live. Though difficult initially, yet it’s not impossible, if we practice to change it consistently. At this point of time, I don’t need to narrate you the story of whether glass is half-empty or half-filled as we all are familiar with this story.

The next pivotal step to figure out where we are lacking and to plan how to mend the problem/s. Continuous training and self-learning can foster our overall development. Let me say that it’s not an overnight make-over, and we need to invest lots of efforts, time, and energy consistently and persistently.
Nobody is born with poor self-esteem, so it is crystal clear that we can improve it if we wish to do so.

We’ll have to take out time for our hobbies. ‘Things which we love to do’ can help us to come out of the miserable and pitiful moments.
Each of us is unique. God has created each of us and has gifted us with wonderful talents to make our lives extraordinary so who have stopped us to move forward. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with others for having better opportunities, facilities, or jobs. If we’ve our competition with us then we can see ourselves excelling day by day and this also enhances our self-confidence.

Exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet keep us healthy and a healthy person can think of being wealthy and wise. Reading the motivational books nurtures our minds and this is also a fantastic way to get rid of poor self-image. 
Socialising with people can also help us to overcome our nervousness or diffidence up to some extent. Discussion makes us ready men. I mean during discussion, we come across others' viewpoint as well and this enriches our knowledge.

We mustn't feel self-pity no matter who we are and where we are from. Focusing on our accomplishments can help us more to achieve self-confidence. We can't grow or move ahead if we keep paying heed to our failures only. Failures and predicaments are inseparable part of our lives as they also teach us immensely. 

So friends, I'd like to say that the world won't value us till we value ourselves. If our self-evaluation and self-expectation are high then we should strive to achieve that level and once we're committed to our decisions, no obstacle can hinder us from our goal attainment.


Take care, be happy and healthy. And don't forget that we are unique and hence our goals are also unique. We can't be like others as our competition is with ourselves not with others.

Mamta Sharma
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