Braggart or Modest???

Since the time immemorial, we all love to share our success tales with our family and friends. Socialising with people and sharing our sorrows and joys is human nature and this helps us to increase our happiness and to lessen our sorrows as well. But a lot has changed over the time. Our basic nature of socializing has got several layers of artificiality and boasting off due to which modesty has disappeared into thin air. Well, let's be judgmental for a while and evaluate ourselves as individuals. Let's observe what kind of people we are: braggart or Modest?

There're two kinds of people: one consists of people who are habitual of exhibiting their possession to satisfy their ego and the other kind involves the people who simply brag. Sometimes they are so addicted of this habit that they feign. Both the kinds are suffering due to poor self-esteem as they keep looking for others' approval to feel comfortable.

This is human psychology. No matter how matured we are, we all suffer because of a child hidden in us. The child within us makes us overjoyed or devastated in no time. Let me clear the immature children, we all feel on cloud nine on a new purchase or due to some achievement and we yearn the entire world to experience our feelings. Purchasing of a brand new car, branded shoes or attires, jewelry, getting promotion or going on foreign tours etc are the hot topic of discussion during our social gatherings. But problem starts when the stories pertaining to these things are blown out of proportion. Unfortunately, many of us don't mind while behaving like ‘narcissistic monsters’ to grab attention of others.

Socializing with our companions is our inherent instinct and there’s no harm if we yearn to let others know how fantastic life we are leading to. In the modern world, this has affected our psyche so drastically that it must be taken into account. Since this habit eventually leads to the psychological problems like depression, annoyance, inferiority or superiority complex and many more such problems which can change our entire personality negatively.

Let me share a real story with you all. There’s a marriage ceremony which is to be solemnized in my close friend’s well-to-do family. She is over-excited to attend the party. We all know how grand Indian marriages are! So my friend has been googling past several months to get the designer and branded dress, jewelry, foot wares, and purse and this seems a natural habit. But her habit which bewilders me is that she’s waiting for all her family members to purchase their attires so that she could buy the costliest and different items for her. I appreciate her fancy to look different on that occasion yet it seems eccentric to buy clothes or jewelry to just to feel superior. I’m waiting for the marriage function to get over so that I can counsel her later.

People belonging to the another category are also not lagging behind. They are expert at fabricating the baseless stories to make others realize their greatness. They are so engrossed in their own fake stories that they fail to notice the grinning faces around them. 

Now the question crops up why do people brag? People brag because they are insecure than they believe themselves to be. Hence they babble and feel gratified when they find people listening to them.

So #MIRA (Mai.ra) believes that such people should introspect about where they really stand and how they can go extra miles to acquire the skills to prove them. People listen to us even when we don't chatter. As silence has its own language which has a profound impact on others. 

Best Regards,

#MIRA (Mai.ra)



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