We, the Super Humans!!!

Well, folks, today I'd like to talk about the intrinsic unexplored energy lying within which can transform us in super humans. Actually we keep looking up to the outside world to seek support. Many a time, we feel helpless and so apprehensive about our own existence. Let me mention that this helplessness and misery occurs because we are not familiar with the magic of our immense intrinsic energy.
But now the question arises how to explore this enormous energy. Let me mention that we will have to see beyond the  physicality. We'll have to comprehend that our existence is beyond physicality.
So let's first discuss the reasons why we're unable to recognise this enormous energy.
We focus on the outward Phenomenon only which makes us forget our inner energy.

  • This is true that our eyes are stuck on the outward things and the people due to which we're ignoring our 'self'. This deviates us from the right path as we strive to achieve outwardly things or materialistic paraphernalia which hinder our real progress.
  • Secondly, we all are more concerned and apprehensive for what others are doing. We keep criticising others and this habit makes us to live in utter ignorance. Sometimes we are not even hesitant to blame others for our failure. 
  • Thirdly, we get shaken by others' perception. We don't have inner strength to hold our thoughts or to make decisions on our own. This creates a constant dilemma in our minds due to which we feel us at unease.
  • We're so feeble inwardly that we are not capable to comprehend that Divine loves us in all respects. We say that we're not  alone as the Almighty is with us all but we are scared to implement it practically. Hence, we get stressed out to encounter even the trivial problem. 
  • Finally, due to our egoistic nature, we're not able to tolerate anything which we feel, doesn't fit in our frame of mind.

In order to recognise our inner power, it's very significant for us to figure out what we really desire to have in our life. The following things play an essential role in unbinding our energy

Understand the Power of thoughts!!

It's really very significant for us all to understand the value of our thoughts. What kind of thoughts are we having all the time? Let's find it out. The success and failure of life depends on the the type of thoughts we keep focusing constantly. Though we never notice that we suffer because of the consequence of our thoughts. We blame circumstances, others, lack of opportunities and many others things for our failures.In order to succeed in our life, we must have to change the sort of our thoughts we keep playing on our minds. Thoughts lay the foundation of our life.

Mediation unleashes our potential!!

Meditation is one of the best ways to explore this energy hidden within us. It helps us to understand our existence beyond our physicality. This shows that we're not mere 'bodes' we have enormous eternal strength (energy) which if explored, can make us achieve. This can transform us from mediocre to supernatural.

Let's Be Grateful!!
Being grateful to the Divine for what we have, is the most neglected factor. According the motivational guru Deepak Chopra, 'Gratitude creates abundance.' Since this helps to get rid of our ego and this helps us to be closer to our inner self. This humility and humbleness removes the clouds of ignorance. Actually it helps us to recognise our self-strength. 

Human body is an extra-ordinary mechanism and the moment we start understanding it, nothing is far from our reach. As the steps mentioned above lead us all to a never ending treasure of inner energy.
Best Wishes!!
Mamta sharma
#MIRA (Mai.ra)
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