10 Ways to Deal with Our inquisitive Colleagues


Man is a social animal. We all understand this universal fact. It's really tough for us to survive without any company. We love to be surrounded by people to share our pleasure and pain. Even in the professional world also, we have some formal and informal connections. Let me state what happens exactly at our workplaces. Generally, we are piled with loads of work and we look forward to our colleagues to have a mild chit-chat. This helps us to get rid of the monotony and tedium of a busy day. Apart from that, we feel blessed to have such companions who give their ear to listen to our professional or personal woes which keep bothering us continuously. 

But to our surprise, after two three days, we find that our secrets are leaked to several other colleagues whom we hardly know. Then we ruin many days in depression, anger, and guild of why we trusted that fellow and why we poured our heart to him/her. The most interesting part is the culprit remains confident and smiles to us brazenly when we encounter him.
So what should we do to deal with such nosy people? As it’s impossible to remain aloof at our workplace but we’ll have to set our boundaries while sharing something at our workplaces. So let me share 10 ways to deal with such people:

  • We’ll have to work on our emotional intelligence quotient. 
  •  Setting boundaries and interacting prudently will surely help us to overcome this problem. 
  • To vent our pent up frustrations, we must inculcate the habit of writing journal as this helps us up to certain extent to release our stress.
  • We must learn to recognize the right person. (Though it’s very difficult but practice makes a man perfect.)
  • We can limit our conversations to brief chats because a lengthy interaction gives more matter to such people.
  • We can set our goals for the day beforehand, so that we don’t have time to waste in frivolous chit-chat. 
  • We can download some motivational videos on our Smartphone which can rejuvenate us when we’re having food or sitting idle. 
  • We should be polite while conversing with inquisitive people.
  • Hilariously, we initiate our ice breaking conversation with our personal issues but while dealing with probing people, we must avoid talking about personal issues.

So, let’s follow the above way to stay away from the rumor mongers at our workplaces. But at the end I would like to say, we can’t control others yet we can control ourselves with a persistent practice. Let's enjoy the company of such people without letting them know.

Best Regards,
Mamta Sharma,
MIRA (Mai.ra)
 Reference: Sunday Times, Nov 6, 2016


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