Get Up, Smile, and Celebrate!!!

Last week, a horrendous accident occurred due to derailment near Kanpur in India. Hundreds of people died and innumerable got injured. Let’s just think about the victims and the survivors. All most all of them would have been sleeping as the accident took place in the wee hours. So, most of the people would have no idea what was going to happen the next second. We can understand it this way that those, who had their assigned work done, were called back by the Divine and those who still have responsibilities to bear or the tasks to accomplish are alive.

Let me mention, time is ticking away and so is the life! Shouldn’t we all have a reason to get up, smile, and celebrate because we’re still alive? Indeed…we do have. Let’s don’t waste our time to think about our grudges. Let’s muster our courage to get a head start after failures. Let’s smile while greeting ourselves and others. Let’s gear up for the next imperative assignment to really change the course of our life positively.
Probably, there’s a ting of melancholy in this piece of writing today. But there’s a reason behind this. Actually, I get sad to see people living their lives with pessimism and sorrows.Why are we suffering a lot? What kind of life are we experiencing? The answer is we all are living in the shadow of fear and until we let ourselves free from this trap of fear, it’s impossible to have reason to celebrate our life and to smile. So let’s create a life which is full ecstasy, enjoyment and vigor.

Sadguru, the mystique says, ‘Once our physical, emotional, energy, and thoughts are aligned in one direction, we become creators.’  But unfortunately we don’t understand the reasons of the complexities of life. We keep blaming the extrinsic factors for stirring our life. But the most interestingly, we, ourselves are the reason of the complexities in our lives. Is it possible to be the creator? Is it possible to live life devoid of stress, hustle and bustle and confusion? Yes…it is.
It’s possible if we have determination to transform our lives by spending some ‘ME TIME’.
Let’s manage our time to meditate to collect our thoughts, to explore the energy lying within and to a reason to celebrate our lives. I must mention here that 30 minute of mediation can create a magical touch in our life. It can help us to live beyond ourselves and to reach to the height which doesn’t have any pinnacle. So let’s have look at the following extraordinary aspects of meditation:

We acquire clarity of thoughts and our goals.

We live a life devoid of stress or apprehension.

We have an idea of what we really wish to accomplish at the end of the day.

We realize an inner source of intrinsic happiness which remains with us all the time.
We come across a never ending energy which removes the existence of impossibility from our life.

We feel ourselves free from fear. (Fear of death, losing someone, or something etc.)

‘The more you celebrate your life; the more there is in life to celebrate.’                                                                           Oprah Winfrey, Life Coach
Once we’re addicted to meditation, we have various reasons to celebrate our life.  Believe me life is wonderful if we are ready to transform ourselves, smile and to celebrate our lives.

Best Wishes!!
Mamta Sharma,
MIRA (Mai.ra)
Sunday Times, Oct 23, 2016


  1. This "we, ourselves are the reason of the complexities in our lives." is true but only after people understand that thoughts are the keys to everything. At present they are being mislead by a greedy medical industry. People are told they are meat robots. Thus evil people are able to influence others around them and cause them many problems. I explain how here:

    In fact we are living conscious beings vested temporarily in physical forms. The thoughts that we uphold are all important because they affect how our bodies behave and the experience we have. We do manifest our reality. And we can realize that when we realize that thoughts are not just in our heads. Thoughts are information that either we have chosen or have been cheated into believing we have chosen. That information becomes our reality. So with knowledge we have power, the power to direct our reality.


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