We, the Home-Makers!!

The thought of not doing anything worthwhile tears their heart apart. They keep replaying their past frequently and never enjoy their present. They are not able to celebrate what they have since they think that their work is not taken into account. They feel that they are not given their lion's share. They don't have as much value, the working women have.

Yes, I'm narrating the tale of housewives. I conversed with a diverse group of women and on the basis of that I could realize that an undeclared rivalry between the housewives and the working women exists as the women belonging to both the categories feel that other is in the better situation. (Unfortunately, grass seems greener at the other side of the fence.) Let's discuss the nuances pertaining to the life of housewives:

  • This is a general tendency that women who're not working are not contributing to their families.
  • Women feel that their laminated degrees and framed certificates have lost their shine and value with the passing years.
  • They feel that raising children or doing household chores doesn't require any specific skill.
  • They feel that they don't have any identity though their working hours are limitless.
  • Their own thoughts have made their work negligible.
But what I feel that everyone in this world has a right to choose what he or she wishes to do. If a woman wants to stay home after getting married or having kids, there's nothing wrong. Let's discuss why stay-back-moms are called home-makers now.

Education never goes waste as it equips us with several skills and attributes which are essential to lead a meaningful life. So, the guilt of not justifying with one's education is futile.

Doing a 9-5 job is not a token of being successful. If we work on our skills persistently, working from home can at least provide us with a gratification.
Taking care of our families and children is our biggest contribution to not only to our families but also to the societies, we are living in. 

No matter what we do, there should be a sense of happiness within us so that we don't have any grievance to not have lived our lives as per our wish.
Let's focus on self-learning, motivation, confidence, training and development which can help us to weed out our frustration and diffidence.

This thought gave MIRA (Mai.ra) an idea to conduct an exclusive conference for women. If we're able to impact even few minds, our purpose will certainly be solved.

 Best Regards,
Mamta Sharma,
#MIRA (Mai.ra)


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