Soulmate Forever?

Soulmate! How romantic this word sounds!! We watch movies and experience how fantastically two people bang into each other and they get to know instantly that they are each other's soulmates. Innumerable movies have been made to make us believe that soulmates are decided in the heaven and each of us has his or her soulmate waiting somewhere. 

We keep this hope alive that someday we’d bump into our soulmate. The constant imagination of this phenomenal happening keeps hammering our heads such as what would happen when she/he would come across my way? How would I recognize my soulmate? Would there be some special kind of music floating in the air at my soulmates’ arrival. This sounds hilarious yet this is the fantasy of almost all of us since our childhood.

Soulmate refers to a mate who is beyond physicality because soul can’t be limited to the physiology. (This concept is depicted in new release of Bollywood ‘Ai Dil Hai Mushkil of Karan Johar) Soulmate is someone who completes us psychology and emotionally as well.
Let’s talk about sudden external and internal changes which are visible in our personality when our soulmate enters our lives.

  • Ø  The life changes entirely if we’ve the right soul tie.
  • Ø  We become very concerned about our looks, style and clothes.
  • Ø  We feel better when away from the crowd.
  • Ø We wish to be in his/her company and feel very comfortable.
  • Ø  We feel exhilarated as we feel that there's a reason to live now.
  • Ø  We become more career oriented or the other way round.
  • Ø  Our new relation makes us mature and family oriented.
  • Ø  Every complication seems to have an easy solution.
  • Ø  We feel love in the air and are ready to do anything to make our soulmate to believe that we’re in true love with him/her.
  • Ø  We feel dedicated to our commitments which make us true to our words.

Well folks, the above changes take place in our lives when we meet that someone special. But there’s a hairline difference between infatuation and meeting the real soulmate. We’ll have figure out this difference by listening to our heart.
Being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings as it fills our life with strength, positivity and passion but this is equally significant to get if our soulmate is the same person, we’d been waiting for long. 

Best Wishes!!!


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