Selfie Smile Vs Real Smile

Well folks, these days, selfie is in rage and so is the selfie smile. I love to see how people make their best efforts to get a perfect selfie. We make faces, have pouts, smile (sometimes weirdly) or pose differently to get the best shot. We are ready to do anything to add to the best effects to our selfie. Sometimes our efforts pay and sometimes they don't.

Now comes the next step and this is to upload our selfie on some social networking sites. This is followed by an elongated wait for our friends' complements and likes. Our endeavors seem to succeed if our posts receive expected (or unexpected) number of likes. If our posts don't grab the attention of the viewers, our endeavors fail due to which we feel apprehensive sometimes.

Have we ever thought how many extra endeavors, we make just to attract peoples' attention? How much time we spend in getting clicked?
But let me ask you what extra endeavors we make to get our minds and bodies relaxed or cheerful.

We all are familiar with the importance of a selfie. Very often, we end up investing a good amount of time trying to get the perfect click. A good effect can make our selfie stand out of the crowd but what should we do to get a good effect of our lives.
Let's smile at regular intervals and sometimes for no reason. Does it make any sense to you?

Let's smile at every small or big achievement. Let’s smile in the morning to express our gratitude towards the Almighty for giving us a new day. Let's smile when we all reach our offices safely.
We shouldn't forget to smile when our entire day passes smoothly without any conflict or clashes. I think many of us would have got tired to get these many reasons to smile but let's find out more reasons to smile. We have to smile when we get back home and find our family members and children waiting for us eagerly for us. Let's smile to pets wagging their tails to see us.

So, let me pen down by reminding you that selfie smile is significant because all of us wish to be at the center of attraction but this smile is fake and it disappears as soon as our pose is clicked.
To smile at each and every act which the Divine gets done brings the real smile on our faces. So let’s smile and spread its infection all over the world.

 Best Wishes!
Mamta Sharma
#MIRA (Mai.ra)
pics: #MIRA (Mai.ra)


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