Change Your Thoughts to Win!!!

Well Folks, have you ever thought, what do you do when don’t do anything? A bit confusing question! But still you need to find out the answer. So let me respond that we keep talking to our ‘selves’ when we are sitting idle.
The persistent chattering in our minds makes us uneasy and unhappy. We feel stressed out, irritated and depressed without knowing that such negative self-conversations ruin our mental peace.  We seem relaxed and quiet outwardly but we’re trapped in a whirlpool of thoughts. This seems unbelievable yet it’s significant for us to get familiar with the role of such interactions in our lives.
Let’s focus on what this self-talk is all about. When we notice, we will figure out that generally these self-talks are pessimistic and negative. negative self-talks on our well-being.
We keep blaming ourselves for the previous mistakes and failures etc. We keep uttering the negative declarations such as why my life is not as good as others’? I’m not lucky.  I don’t get the return of my hard work. Why are people so bad to me? Others are enjoying their lives but not I. So on and so forth. Let’s see the impact of such
·         Such negative self-talks make our attitude entirely negative.

       On account of negative self-talks, we form a poor self-image.
      They decrease our impulse to initiate something new in our life.
·         We affect our physical, mental, and psychological health drastically.
·         We develop the habits such as headache, depression, irritation, annoyance etc.
·         We lose our confidence and get scared of making decision.

·         We’re stressed out which keeps us at bay in our personal and professional life.             
·         A constant comparison of us with others increases the problems manifold.
·         We are addicted to the faulty habits which hinder us to succeed.
       We try to be gentle to others but never make our 'self'happy.
·         Unknowingly, we train our minds to not to think about positive things

But we never notice how drastically these negative self-talks affect us. Let me mention that we must cut out our negative self-talks for a successful personal and professional life.
·         We’ll have to replace our negative self-talks with the positive ones.

·         We must note down the positive self-declaration in journal every day.
·         This will lead to a positive change in our life.
·         We’ll have to pay heed to an inside out transformation for which we can practice meditation.
·    We should refrain from the company of negative or pessimistic people as they add to our problems.

·         We can have gratitude for what we have with us as this feeling makes us full of positivity.
·    First we’ll have to figure out our realistic goals and then we can work to acquire them strategically.

     We’re very concerned for each gadget which we’ve purchased. We learn how to use them and try our level best to handle them with care as according to us these gadgets are expensive and delicate. But what about our 'body'. Why are we least attentive towards our 'body' which is the most wonderful human mechanism. This neglect results in several physical, psychological and emotional problems within us and we, ignorantly, keep blaming the outside factors. Moreover, unintentionally, we train our minds negatively which makes our life a mess. According to the  Law of attraction, we attract the same negative happenings which we've been repeating constantly.So let’s learn to fill our minds with positive declarations

    Best Wishes
   Mamta Sharma,
#MIRA (Mai.ra)


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