10 Magical Revelation about Body Language!!!

“An introvert talks more than an extrovert because when the mouth is closed, the mind is opened.” 1.
Michael Bassey Johnson

Man is a social animal and socializing with others is his favorite pastime.  He expresses his emotions and feelings through several ways however he considers speech the best medium of sharing his ideas with others. But it’s significant for us all to know that the Almighty has gifted us with one tongue and two ears purposely. As He wished us to speak less and listen more but unfortunately we think that to get noticed, we should babble. Yelling, screaming, screeching, and blaring people can be found everywhere. Let’s talk about one more effective medium of expression through which we can be understood well as it’s said that silence has its own language. Yes, you got that!!
This medium is our non-verbal communication which can also be called body language or Kinesics. Well, our non-verbal communication plays a vital role while communicating with others. 
“An introvert talks more than an extrovert because when the mouth is closed, the mind is opened.” 
Michael Bassey Johnson

Let’s discuss 10 magical Revelation of kinesics:
1. People with impressive non-verbal communication (body language) have better opportunities in their professional life.
2.  They attract people like a magnet. We believe it or not but this is true that everybody wishes to be in their company.
3.  Individuals who maintain eye contact with their listeners or have a confident smile on their faces are good at negotiation skills.
4.   Due to impressive body language, they can socialize with people easily and in a better way.
5.  It is believed that people with appropriate body language are often good public speakers.
6. Impressive body language makes a person feel more confident and attractive.
7.   Successful leaders are believed to have effective body language.
8. Studies reveal that women are good at studying body language. 
9.   Our dressing sense also reveals a lot about our personality. The type of clothes, their colour, texture etc speak about the nature of a person.
10.People with good non-verbal communication feel more comfortable and relaxed while attending meetings, interviews and interacting with strangers. 

Hence we can understand the importance of impressive body language. In the present scenario, there are basically two languages which we speak: one is the verbal language and other is the silent and effective body language. So, gear up to be skilled at this language.  

"Like other languages, we should make our best efforts to acquire an effective body language."

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