Brighten Your Spirits and Succeed

If someone asks you what does brighten up your spirit, just think, what your answer would be. Which thing or person instills your lives with enthusiasm and happiness? What does uplift your spirit to do something which gets you to the next level? Is it your family, your passion, your work, your ‘me-time’, the smile of your little baby or the social service you do?
Just think and let your ‘self’ know about it and note it down in a journal.

No matter how old you are or where you are living or what kind of life you are leading to, what matters the most is how much willingness you have to raise the level of yourself, your life, and your happiness.

I urge you all to take out time to let yourself know about such fantastic things and feel the drastic transformation in your lives.  Many times when we feel low or uninteresting, we can surround us with such people or things which make us feel better.

If we really wish to move ahead in our lives, it's significant to gather positive things and people around us then only we'll be able to explore best in us. 

So criticizing the people, condemning the policies or things never ever make us to be at ease and to initiate something new in our lives. So it’s so vitally important for us to focus on the things which brighten our spirit and to work to transform our lives.
The New Year is about to knock at our doors and we must think about how we can be in a better situation with each passing day and for this we require to get rid of our habits of blaming others for something wrong in our lives. Let’s make this resolution to fill our hearts and lives with those who enhance the level of skills, attributes, happiness and lives.

Best Wishes!
Mamta Sharma
#MIRA (Mai.ra)


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