Stress: 10 Funny Reason & Miraculous Ways to Bust It!!!

Oh My Gosh! What a different era we are living in! Earlier people used to manage the precious things, jewels, property, immense wealth or the valuable materialistic things but see how distressing situation we’ve placed ourselves in. Now we’re talking about how to manage our stress!!! Generally there’re two kinds of stress: Eustress (good stress) and Distress (bad stress) and today our topic of concern is bad stress.
So, in the present scenario, we all have full of apprehension and anxiety because of some or the other problem. We all don’t wish to be stressed out but still are unable to escape it. Let’s talk about 10 important reasons that compel us to be apprehensive.
1.      We are scared of everything such as education, marriage, kids, diseases, aging, family adjustment, job interviews, money, peer pressure, death etc.
2.    In this rapidly changing scenario, we are often stressed out because of the petty thing which sounds quite funny such as which dress would be suitable for the upcoming function or if we would look good on the occasion.
3.    People who love to watch serials get tensed to see the protagonists suffering or getting trapped in undesired situation. They live with an unhappy and heavy heart till they get to see the next episode.
4.    One more very funny reason of stress these days is when spouse spends more money on his/her family members.
5.     We get tensed to see extra flab on our bodies.
6.    We get apprehensive to see others growing and acquiring more than we are.
7.     Our children must make their career in the field which we wish them to, is also a subject of concern these days.
8.    Now-a-days, people get worried to see the guests at home. This sounds comical but it’s true.
9.    ‘What would happen if I got ill?’ Such absurd thoughts keep hitting our heads and don’t let us to be at ease.
10. Replaying the past instances and the negative occurrences ruins our mental and physical health and the most amusing thing is we constantly do it unknowingly and unwillingly.
Well, the above simple and funny reasons reveal how easily we get stressed out. So if we wish to be happy and peaceful, we must manage our stress. No matter how old or young we are, how we look, how many mistakes we have made so far in the past, and what people think about us; we have all rights to lead to a wonderful and joyful life.
Let’s talk about 10 precious ways to manage our stress:
1.      We will have to learn to catch our thought. We’ll have to monitor what we are thinking when we’re sitting idle and don’t have anyone around us. We’ll have to prevent us from thinking about negative things.
2.    Making goals and writing them is a wonderful stress beater as we’ve some purpose to live our life.
3.    Regular exercise and meditation works miraculously but we need to be patient.
4.    We must take out time to go out for a walk regularly.
5. Though music is like a chewing gum for our ears but it’s soothes us psychologically when we’re tensed.
6.    Talking with an old friend or listening to a motivational speech will certainly have a wonderful impact on our psyche when we are stressed out.  
7.     People think sleeping, having drugs and having liquor is helpful in lessening their stress but this is not a permanent way. So, relaxing and a resolution to change our attitude to live a purposeful life will affect our way of thinking.
8.    We should try to avoid people or things that enhance the level of our stress.
9.    Positive attitude helps us to create a positive aura around us and gradually negative people also change drastically after they come in touch with the optimistic fellows.
Being grateful for what we’ve is also an effective way to beat stress. We must be grateful to the Almighty for each breathe and this wonderful life.

Well, the best stress buster is working on our internal well being. Moreover we can pamper ourselves by spending some ‘Me Time’ and doing what we love to do. Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant occurrences, so we should embrace and cope with them equally.

Best Wishes!!!


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