Kill Your Enemies to Live a Wonderful Life!!!

Don’t be Afraid of Your Enemies

We keep fighting against outside factors

Well friends, As soon as, we come across the word 'enemy'...we are filled with disgust and abhorrence. Nobody wishes to have enemies around him but life is not possible without them. We've variety of enemies and they are omnipresent. So, we'll have to learn how to defeat them or they will kill us. Enemies are threat to the political boundaries, social structure, culture, and personal lives etc.  There’s chaos and suspicion all around. Our imagination of Utopia has shattered because of these enemies only.  So we all seem scared and insecure and in order to lead to a peaceful life, we take several precautions from putting thorny hedges to installing web cams. 

Our Real Foes

Hang on, I'm coming down to the gist of my blog which is about how to deal with enemy to have tranquility and peace of mind. But friends, what about our inner foes. Why the heck we let them keep troubling us. Why don't we kill them? It is said that we should love our enemies but this doesn't work in this context. I'm talking about our foes like our insecurity, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, procrastination, lack of commitment, lies, self-pity so and so forth. This list is really a never ending list. So friends, what do we do to heal ourselves against these real enemies who don't let us live our life to its full.

What to do to Overcome our Inner Foes

Friends, the vitality of our life lies in growth which can't be acquired until and unless we figure out where we are lacking.  Hence, it's significant to recognise what are the factors that prevent us from moving ahead. We'll have to be accountable to save us against our weaknesses and insecurities which are more dangerous than the outside enemies. To excel in our lives and to achieve success, we'll have to take pains. We can set small goals to achieve the bigger goals. We must journal our daily experience so that we can understand our problems and also the solution to those problems. We must train ourselves to achieve success which is possible but needs rigorous practice.

At the End

So till our next meeting, take care, be healthy and happy. Love yourself and get ready to kill your enemies because they are more dangerous than those who are present outside.
Mamta Sharma


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