Short Cut to Success!!!

Short Cut to Success

Friends, do we have any short cut to success? Just think what it may be. Why is success reserved for a very few people of the world? What about the remaining ones who are in millions and billions. Why don’t they have any right to lead magnificent lives? Are they not lucky? So what should we do to improve the quality of our lives? Can unethical ways and manipulation help us to do so? I know you are bewildered to read this sentence of mine but hold on…have patience and read the remaining text, you will find the answers to all your questions.
For this is an era of acquiring instant gratification. There is short cut to each and everything, from instant food to instant beauty products. We have become impatient and we wish to get instant result. So let me tell you that there is a short cut to success and this is within our reach.

Use Negative Experiences as Mentor

The very first step in this entire procedure is to use our negative experiences as our mentors. The world desires to listen to the success stories. Since our childhood, we are trained to win not to lose but even this tendency does not reduce the significance of failure stories. In fact we all hate failures but in this bizarre method, we all will have to get prepared to confront our failures. We can come across several successful people narrating their life stories which are the testimonies of how they learnt from their failures.

Stop Listening to Others

The second step is to transform our entire personality…but how? For this, we’ll have to explore ourselves. We will have to take out time to be alone for some time so that we may ponder about what we want, where we are lacking. Why are we not able to fulfill our dreams? Friends, we look our personality through others’ perception which never rates our caliber correctly. This either leads to under-evaluation or under-evaluation.

Stop Complaining and Take Responsibility

Friends, in our pursuit of success, we seem reluctant to take up responsibility for our wrong decisions. If we are not gratified with our jobs, our financial condition, pace of growth, or any other thing in our life, we can't hold others responsible. Why do we keep comparing our achievements with others. It's crystal clear that others have more guts than we have and hence they are more successful
Jim Rohn, the American motivational leader says, ‘Success is not something you pursue, success is something you attract.’ And how can we attract success…we can attract it by becoming the deserving people. 

At the End

Well friends, this list of short cut to success is very long but it's time to wrap up. So till our next meeting, take care, be happy and healthy. Love yourself and don't forget to take this short cut for your golden success.

Mamta Sharma



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