Life of Your Choice!

Unbelievable and unfathomable beauty lied all around! For four long days, I didn’t feel like doing anything as I was mesmerised at the vast, unending ocean and its waves rolling and dashing against the hard pebbled rock.  At the top of my voice, I announced to my family members that I was not going back as I had decided to settle down right there along the ocean.  I was trapped in the tenacious and persistent energy of the giant ocean. I kept watching the mighty just to find the immense source of energy and enthusiasm but I couldn’t get the secret. In the meanwhile, it started raining and the ocean started roaring in anger. My excited and exuberant self changed into a timid and coward fellow. Few moments back, there I was overwhelmed at the magnificent sight but now, I felt myself scrawny to the gurgling, ferocious ocean as if it was exhibiting its power. 

Folks, the same happens with most of us during our life span as there is chaos and dilemma everywhere. We wish to enjoy the beauty but the next moment, we start feeling hapless, sad, and dejected at the morality of this world. The irony is that everything seems fake and temporary, be it life, relations, pleasure, time, existence so on and so forth.

So what should we do? Should we live in this quandary throughout our lives? The answer is "No". However we are here for a very brief period but it doesn't mean that we don't have reasons to enjoy and exult. When the level of negativity is too high to handle, stop pondering about it. If your grief starts over brimming, try to see the ray of hope which is gleaming and waiting for the right moment to be visible. Don't lose your heart and move ahead with all your strength and courage and the world will be yours one day...some day.
So till our next meeting, take care, love yourself and live happily.
Mamta Sharma


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