You should not…you must!!!

You should not…you must

Friends, how are you all? What’s new? Well, when does a person transform himself? What clicks him to ponder about altering himself or his habits? The answer is a moment when our conscience starts guiding us. 

As a motivational trainer, I keep inspiring people to condition themselves. I narrate stories so that they may condition themselves but probably they don't convince my listeners always? Sometimes after my sessions get over, a few come to me to share how drastically they are determined to change themselves. I become overjoyed to be the reason for the positive change in society yet it’s not a very frequent phenomenon. I know that it’s a gradual change but it will show up some day.

So today, I would like to discuss why 'you should replaces you must' and why it is that significant in our life. Well, we may have different goals and skills but our ultimate destination is a life full of happiness and devoid of any catastrophe. 

We all aspire to progress and grow with the flying time however due to our mistakes and unwillingness to remould ourselves results into crisis and mess all around.I mean we all are addicted to our negative situations and what truly beats me is despite our knowledge that we should take care of ourselves, we should have healthy habits, we should lose weight, and we should go for a morning walk etc but how many of us are really able to instil these things.

A Real Story

Let me share a real instance with you. I know a person who was a chain smoker. He was a textile engineer and was in a good job, belonged to a well-to-do family, had a wonderful family yet was unable to change his habit. He was advised by his well-wishers, family members, especially by his mother to quit his habit but that couldn't help. One day this person received a shocking news that his mother was diagnosed with blood cancer and was at the verge of dying. This shattered him like anything as he'd a strong bond with her and he owed all his success and progress to his mother. He consulted several doctors regarding his mother’s problem and later she was referred to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. It was her last stage but he made all efforts to get her cured. During his mother’s treatment in that hospital, he came across innumerable patients who were suffering from this deadly disease because of intake of tobacco. Having seen their pathetic and miserable condition, he got perturbed or rather petrified to think about his own future. At that very moment, he decided to give up his habit of smoking. Though his mother is not with him now yet he is a changed person as he said no to his addiction. So that decision transformed his life drastically. 

Right and Timely Decision

So friends, a right and timely decision can change the way we are. It can change our entire personality and life as well. Why successful people have carved a niche because of their decisions which they made earlier. So Search your 'musts'…I mean you should not rely ‘should’ but you 'must' as the big decisions start with small decisions which transform our life eventually. Success is not an overnight sensation, it takes years to happen and our conscious decision help us to achieve it. 

Five Points to Pull us Through our tough Time

Convince: It's no good to look up to others for what they think about us so we must convince ourselves who we are and what we want to be. I mean we must know about strengths and weaknesses and it's not that difficult. We must vision our success and must work to make that vision a reality.

Command: We mustn't let the pessimism, difficult situations, or negative occurrences and people command us since this is our life and we've all rights to take its charge. We might not get success initially but repetition helps us to excel in our actions. 

Conquer: We must conquer our fear of failures, hindrances, crisis or defects in our personality. To succeed and go ahead, it's vital to overcome all these threats.We must dare them and see the change.

Condition: Nobody is perfect in this world so we must keep conditioning us as perfect individuals. Updating our knowledge, skills, or acquiring expertise will indeed guide us towards our success. In case, we don't have time to join a university to pursue a course, we can join a MOOC or online courses such as conducted by

Charismatic: Charismatic individuals are steered by their commitment to their cause. They are confident, assertive, energetic,  and ready to learn. Once we're all set to showcase our talent, it's important to evaluate ourselves if we've that charisma in us. 

At The End

So till our next meeting, take care of yourself, be safe, healthy, and happy. Love yourself and follow the five Cs to prepare yourself to compete in the world successfully.
Mamta Sharma


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