Ask and You shall Receive!!!

Ask and You shall Receive!!!

Hello Friends,
How are you all? I have a very interesting thing to share with you all. Today, in the morning, while cleaning my house, I wished I could find an important paper which I had been searching for a long while. No sooner, I said this to myself, to my surprise, I saw it lying in front of me. All of a sudden, an idea flashed to me, had I asked for something else from the Almighty! Friends, don't you think, this often happens to all of us. We get upset or annoyed at our failures or the problems and we try all the tricks and ways to get rid of them. And interestingly, if we pray to God regarding our problems, we try to bribe Him with some attractive offer. Well, this is an excellent example of our lack of faith in Him. This is absurd and ridiculous.
So friends, my today's topic is Ask and you shall receive. Let me give you a testimony. One of my close friends was suffering of spinal tumor. She is a single mother and a school teacher. After she was diagnosed with her disease, she was advised to be on a complete bed rest. Doctors said that operation was the only cure and she should get ready to go under knife. Things became very tough for her as she was the only support to her family. Well, initially she got diffident and thought about the worst things which could happen to her, later she started praying to the Almighty. She, like a child to the Almighty, kept urging for His favor. She often would talk to God as if she was talking to her dead father. She prayed to Him day and night and boldly told Him to call her to His abode after her responsibilities get over. Eventually her condition started improving and even doctors were surprised to see the pace of improvement in her. May she live a long and healthy life! May God bless her and her family!

So friends, I just wish to say never ever lose your connection with Him as He, Himself desires to give you best life so ask Him for His favor and have faith that He is with you and will listen to your prayers.
So till our next meeting, take care of yourself, be healthy and happy. Love yourself and pray to the Almighty for each and everything as He wishes all His children to be full. Hence, don't hesitate to share your problems and ask Him to fulfill your desires. Have faith and see the miracle.

Mamta Sharma


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