Who Else but We are our own Cheerleaders

Who Else but We are our own Cheerleaders


Friends, how are you all? Well, I become overwhelmed to think about the amazing gift of the Almighty to me and this gift of Life.  So do we have some goals for a better life? If yes…then what strategies do we have to achieve these goals? Well, while seeing others going ahead in their lives, we moan and blame our stars for not favouring us but let me tell you that we, ourselves will have to be our own cheerleaders. We cannot expect from others, the outside situations, and our fortune to be by our side for a better life. So today I wish to discuss how we can be our own cheerleaders to motivate ourselves for a remarkable life.  

Mind as a Magnet

We all know how a magnet works. I mean the magnetic field in it attracts ferrous objects like iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt etc. Don’t worry, I still remember what I am supposed to discuss here :). Our mind, like a magnet attracts the things, it thinks about. I mean if your mind is filled with negativity and disgust, it will attract the same feelings from outside. If it is full of jealousy and contempt, it will receive the similar response from its surroundings. We, sometimes, become habitual of repeating our nightmares or appalling experiences and hence we are not able to overcome those situations. Eventually, we end up creating an entirely unenthusiastic and unproductive aura around us.

Life has a Validity

A mentor and senior colleague of mine often says, “Our life is like a pre-paid card which has its validity for a certain period of time. Suppose you are 20 year old at this juncture, you are left with only about 2500 weekends to enjoy.” So here we are. Where is the time to wait for some pied piper?  We have already wasted a quality time of ours in repeating the same mistakes and focusing on what others think or say about us.

Conscience as a Kalpvrichh

Yes, I agree that we may not be doing well at this time. Probably it’s a low phase in our lives. But we don’t have to be disheartened or dejected since while doing nothing, we can prepare ourselves for the next opportunity which is on its way to us. We all have heard about kalpvrichh which was believed to fulfil all our wishes, and believe me there’s such a feature hidden in us if we set our goals, recognise our calibre, and work accordingly, we certainly will attract success.

Just Listen to the Inner Voice

Well, we all should sit lonely for sometime so that we can listen to our inner voice. Making short positive conversation with our selves may usher us towards our destination. Our conscience lets us know how to deal with the tough time. But we always love to be  surrounded by several people and ignore the divine voice. So we shouldn't be in hurry each and every moment, as sometimes it is good to peep inside rather than looking up to others while searching for a solution.

At the End

So till our next meeting, take care, be happy and healthy. Love yourself and be your own cheerleader so that nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and to live a life of happiness and prosperity. Kindly watch the video 'Stay Hungry...stay foolish'  which gives an extra ordinary message. 

Mamta Sharma

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