How to Save Flying Time and Money??? Part 1

How to Save Flying Time and Money??? Part 1

In the present scenario, we all have two common problems. Could you please guess which two problems, I’m talking about? Yes, you are right…these two problems are lack of Time and Money. We can easily come across people complaining about how they are grappling hard to stop their hard-earned money and precious time. So what should be done to save money and time? Then how can we achieve the ultimate goal of our life which is happiness and prosperity? 

What to do

Friends, sit down for a while and just ponder about your earnings, expenses, and the time span you invest and kill. Indeed, this calculation is vital to evaluate where we stand at this juncture and how we can make a balance. I mean, every single month, we keep waiting and dreaming for our payday and surprisingly, no sooner it arrives, it flies away and leaves us waiting miserably for the next one.
It is said that cut the coat according to your cloth but now it is not possible since our necessities are more than our earnings. Our basic needs of food, clothes, and shelter have been replaced by dinning in expensive restaurants, branded attires, and comfortable flats which are followed by frequent outings and several other small and big demands. 

Where do we get wrong?

However, there's nothing wrong as people have very busy schedule throughout the week and they need to relax and rejuvenate on weekends. So let's get back to the point with which we commenced our discussion. Suppose we earn 50,000/- per month and at the end of the day, we happen to spend the entire amount and save nothing, we should get prepared to juggle with innumerable problems. We are in want again as we are not able to save a single penny.  

What happen due to these problems

Several people are struggling against these problems. Most of them spend their entire lives in earning, cutting their expenses, living ordinary lives and getting dejected at the end of the day. Phew...very serious problem. No plans for retirement, travelling, or Education, medical, and marriage expenses  worsens the situation. A sudden unexpected misshaping  mars the entire happiness as it leads to a sudden financial burden. In our country, still we have a great population which is not medically insured. 

 What should be done

We'll have to keep record

This should be followed like a ritual. What is our income? Though it's a silly question to talk about since everybody knows how much he/she is earning. But I want you to think about the whole amount which comes into your bank account at the starting of every month. Make sure you save 20% of your entire earning. It sounds very tough but we can be habitual after practicing every month.

Why the Money Flies 

Friends, the problem is not how much we earn but how much we spend every month. Let me share my own experience with you all. It was my daily routine to have either coffee or juice along with a burger or chips at my workplace. One pack of juice or coffee costs Rs. 20/- and very often I would purchase extra packs for my colleagues as well. So, many a time, my cafeteria bill exceeded Rs 2,000/-. Then one day, I decided not to spend money on junk food and juices because it would affect my health and finance very badly. So friends, we often spend lots of money on these unhealthy habits unknowingly and don't see the flying money.

At the End

It's time to wind up my conversation with you. I'll surely discuss the remaining points in my next blog, so take care, be safe, healthy, and happy. Love yourself and observe where your money goes, as it's significant to know for our better future. 

Mamta Sharma


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