The Aim of Life!!!

Hello Friends,
How are you all? Yesterday I banged into an old friend of mine in a shopping mall. I was overjoyed to see him after a long while. There used to be a time, when both of us were complement to each other. I mean, it was like a daily ritual to meet, chit-chat and to discuss the each and every moment of our lives. As we hear people say time flies, so time of our separation started knocking at our doors. He went to Delhi to make his career and I remained at the same place. Initially, we used to contact each other through phone but later on account of our busy schedule and distance, our telephonic conversation became very rare. For last several years, we had no information of each others’ whereabouts. So it was obvious to be happy after seeing each other after several years.
But my happiness and excitement disappeared into thin air after talking to him for some time. During our entire conversation, he pinpointed his flourishing career, his brand new cars, his foreign tours, and his status in a city like Delhi. In the meanwhile, he kept complaining about how he could do much better in case he would have got better opportunities. His immature talks bewildered me and I could see an entirely new tricky, materialistic person in disguise of my friend. I kept quiet, as it was a monologue and I was feeling like a stranger. However, I was happy to see his extraordinary progress.
After coming back home, I pondered about each and every aspect of our conversation and I felt more disappointed. My meeting with my friend reminded me of a number of those people who keep complaining about the lack of opportunities.
Folk, the very first thing, which I would share with you all, is to be grateful to the Almighty for what He has given to you.
The second bad habit which we should refrain ourselves from, is complaining. Never ever complain for what we don’t have. We can surely aspire for our progress and personal growth even our life also expects us to make a measurable growth in reasonable time. We cannot linger at the same position for a long time.
The next significant point towards which I would draw your attention is that the goal of our life is to achieve happiness and prosperity and surprisingly, physical facilities don’t ensure happiness and prosperity. So it is very important to understand what we really this brand new car, a huge mansion, an excellent wardrobe, dining at expensive restaurants or relations, this list is very long but for living a valuable life, we must get the gist of our desires.
So till our next meeting, take care, be healthy and happy, love yourself and try to get the real and ultimate goal of your life.
Mamta Sharma

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