Change your Habits and succeed in your Life!!! Part 2

Change your Habits and succeed in your Life!!!  Part 2

Well friends, let me continue with our yesterday’s conversation about how we can change our entire life positively, if we decide to change our habits. We know very well that bad habits are very easy to learn but hard to live with. So coming down to the further significant points, I would draw your attention towards how to excel at this life transforming skill. Along with the regular meditation and exercise, embarking on a healthy, nutritious diet help us to win the half battle since we’ve subconsciously commenced our preparation for a successful life.

Personal Philosophy (Change your Attitude)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. Our attitude or personal philosophy lays a concrete foundation for our successful future. Many a time, I come across people who keep replaying their past instances and experiences.  On account of which they neither enjoy their present nor do they plan for a better future. Friends, we must wrap our past up for our physical and mental well being.  Despite the fact that we cannot control several undesired occurrences, we can just acquire the expertise to handle them skillfully.

We can live our life to its full if we don’t carry our past like a burden; rather we should use our past experiences like a mentor which prevents us from making the past mistakes in our future endeavors.

During my sessions in different cities, I find many people blames their organisations for not paying them up as per their skills or responsibilities and my response is same always as I suggest them to change their attitude, to make them valuable for their jobs. If we change our habits, we can change our lives.

Reading and Journal your Thoughts

I see my graduating and post graduating students reluctant to read in their pastime as they think they don’t have time to go through the books other than their study material.  Francis Bacon, the father of the English essays mentions, “Reading maketh a full man.” Therefore if we make the books our companions, we will surely enrich our knowledge which ushers us to the right destination.

Journaling our thoughts is also a very essential and extolled habit. If we have some plan or important thought, we can pen it down as we can’t trust our memory always. We can write down our inner thoughts which can be acquired afterwards.

Travel the World and enhance your Knowledge

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living.
                        Miriam Beard, American historian

In the present scenario, almost all of us have two common features: being workaholic and shopaholic. We all aspire to obtain facilities to live an easy life. But I have experienced that our investment in travelling gives us a never ending happiness. Well, what I feel that travelling new places, seeing new cultures, and meeting new people can improve us individuals. While travelling we leave our past behind and spend a quality time with our family members who are deprived of our company because of our busy schedules. So those who love to be within their comfortable, grand houses should decide upon their next holiday destinations.

Well friends, try to observe your routine so that you can figure out the habits which don't let you move ahead and once you are able to do so, you will attract your success like a magnet.

So, till our next meeting, take care, be safe and healthy. Love yourself and replace your bad habits with the good ones.
Bye Mamta Sharma


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