Intuition is the Whisper of Soul

Intuition is the Whisper of Soul

The word 'intuition' means an ability to understand or know something immediately without needing to think about it, learn it or discover it by using reason. Folks, in the present era, people are trapped in the same rut of life. they are practicing the monotonous things without listening to their intuition. Now the question arises, who can feel his intuition? Interestingly each one of us has this capability yet none is capable enough to feel it. Due to pursuit of ego and glittering materialistic accumulation, we ignore its soft whisper. How can we let ourselves guided by it? 
Recognising our intuition, is a quality which prevails deep within our heart but we fail to connect us with our intuition because we are blinded by several layers of corruption, lies, worries, artificiality, and problems on our 'selves'.
Sometimes it seems we are entirely dependent on others as we look up to the people around us to usher us through the right path but we even can't imagine the immense source of energy present within us. Very often I come across young boys and girls who have innumerable dreams but they are in constant search of others' advice. Despite their higher education, they underestimate themselves, they want others' appreciation or consent to showcase their talents. This mindset bewilders me because we don't require any token of appreciation from others. If we persistently want others to dictate us then we are not leaders but followers. It means we are not capable enough to live a substantial life. 
I guess we are on the same page. Listening, comprehending, and following our intuition is the best exercise and believe me if we make it our habit, we will easily distinguish between right and wrong and we will be confident in our words and deeds. 
So practice hard to hear what your intuition says when you are stuck into some tough situation and believe me you will get the correct answer. So have faith in you and your intuition.
Till the next meeting, take care, be safe and healthy, love yourself and never doubt your intuition.
Mamta Sharma

Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary 3rd Edition


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