Why Me???

Well, this is a very genuine question which keeps hovering over our minds all the time. Why Me??? Actually, we all wish to have fantastic lives which equipped with all sorts of smoothness and pleasantness and a small intrusion of unpleasantness or unfavourable condition is not welcome by any of us.
I wake up in the morning and no sooner I come out of our bed I find our parents discussing my weekends plans. O gosh! I don't want this because I wish to spend our time with our friends and not with my relatives or family members. In spite of my best efforts, I'm not able to cajole my parents about my own plans as they seem entirely intact by my efforts.There comes a voice from within...Why Me???

In my college, I find everyone in a very light mood as everybody is yelling, hooting and shouting at the top of his voice and dancing weirdly but as soon as do I join them all, than the teacher comes and starts scolding me as I'm the only person who he points out. Then again I ask myself, "Why Me???'

There comes a sweet and pretty girl in the college. Everybody is talking about her and I also find myself on the list of the aspirants. Fortunately, she offers me a lift in her car when she sees me dragging on my foot. I can see the boys in my surroundings getting jealous and annoyed at my lucky stars, and then I keep a mum and don't utter a single word ("Why Me"???) about this wonderful chance.

There's a long queue of interviewees waiting for their turn in the open space. I become judgemental for a while. I start comparing myself with those present there. I feel demotivated or rather devastated to see their smartness, tall height and smart appearance and then again I hear a voice which comes from within, Why Me???

After interview gets over, I'm confused since I'm not much satisfied with my performance.
Now my mind is rewinding the entire interview session and gives several options to each questions and I guess I've better answers now. O.M.G.! I could do better. Again I say to myself, "Why Me???"

I've almost forgotten about my interview and all of a sudden, I receive a call from the H. R. of the company who informs me to get ready for the next round of my interview and informs me that I'm almost selected and the next round is  a mere formality. I start chuckling to myself and I don't say anything to myself. (Why Me???)

So friends, the moral of the entire story is when we come across something unfavourable, we hear this sentence (Why Me???) coming from within but when we experience something pleasant, we keep quiet. Have faith, our life is a wonderful combination of sweet and sour ingredients, and we've to relish it!
Look, various magnificent opportunities are waiting for us as the Almighty is biased and He wishes all the best gifts for each of us. We only need to explore those gifts in form of possibilities!!
Hence, don't say "Why Me???" Say, "it's Me!!!" 

Mamta Sharma


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