It's Not A Hero But A Villain Who Makes a Movie Blockbuster!!!

During my childhood, I used to have a sort of sympathy with the hero as he was tortured and bothered by some villain. I used to be so thrilled and excited that I used to imagine myself at the hero's place to take his revenge. But when I grew a bit older, I found that no movie could be imagined without a villain as he is like the most significant ingredient in the entire recipe which prepares a yummy cuisine. Even the handsome most  and dashing hero and the prettiest heroine cannot make a movie smash hit until and unless there's a person with weird expressions, a scar on his face, and disgusting appearance and whose sole concern is to mess with the protagonists. Without his entry, there’s no twist or spice in the film and if any of us doesn’t believe me, he or she can just watch the hit movies which are known more for their grey characters and not for their heroes.

Folks, you might be thinking about my perception which seems to have changed overnight but don’t worry and let me come to the real motive of my blog. The gist of the above paragraph is that we can’t live the lives full of pleasantness and pleasurable things all the time. When I meet people, I find them complaining against the problems they’re facing on account of which they even miss celebrating the small victories or achievements. As we all yearn to attain bigger goals which could make our lives more comfortable and easier. Despite having lots of the best facilities and the fantastic life style, they prefer to focus more on the things they’re struggling to acquire. However they are not familiar with the fact that their lives are adventurous because of their struggle only.

There’s no twist or newness in our lives if we lead to the same monotonous lives. Well, I wish to convey the message that we should enjoy the entry of the villains, I mean, problems and slight difficulties in our lives. Life should not be bed of roses otherwise we won’t be able to see the level of our caliber which we require to fight for our survival.

Till our next interaction, take care and love yourself. Please don’t forget to enjoy and celebrate the small achievements in search of big victories. Don’t loathe villains as they make our lives as adventurous and audacious as a roller costar ride!

Mamta Sharma


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