Well, we all know that knowledge plays a pivotal role in our lives. This is a gift to the human beings which makes us superior to the other species of the world. Throughout our lives, we keep accumulating knowledge which is really mandatory for our survival. Our life seems brief as treasure of knowledge is immense and enormous. We keep learning some or the other thing deliberately or unknowingly which increases our efficiency and productivity exhaustively. 
I Know This

But the irony occurs when people around us expect from us to know each and everything which is not possible for any of us. This aggravates the situation since gradually we become so pretentious as we start saying "I know this." This eventually gives birth to our habit of boasting off and no sooner do we get a chance, we start exhibiting the level of knowledge. 
What Would Happen if We Start Saying "I Don't Know the Answer"?

Well, folks, why can't we say, "I don't know the answer?" What would happen if we utter this statement in the answer to some question? After all we can’t know the answer to each and every question.
We get Scared
Just think about the entire scene such as few people would laugh at us sarcastically, others may grin at our ignorance, while few more would declare us stupid and would make it the talk of the town. Indeed! We would feel offensive and apprehensive at such a dent on reputation in public  and this thought might ruin our several days replaying the same scene in our minds. 

'I Know' vs 'I Don't Know'

The answer, 'I don't know.' is much better than 'I know.' since if we keep saying, 'I know.' we shut the doors to the new information. I read somewhere that we've become like over-brimming cups which can't be filled with more tea anymore. Similarly, we are not receptive to the new knowledge as our minds are crammed with our existing knowledge.  

We're Curious to Learn 

Well, 'I don't know.' is the expression which shows we're curious to learn and curiosity lays the foundation of a successful life. So, next time, when we don’t know the answer to some question, we can simply say “I don’t know the answer” and believe me this will open a new phase to learning and self-confidence. Why to care for others as it’s our lives and learning should never stop.
Mamta Sharma


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