Good Bye Addiction As It's My Life!!!!

Addiction is the stage of dependence on other thing and this eventually leads to helplessness. Moreover, a person who is unable to speak out his mind, gets addicted to something. let me share a real story with you all. It's about a middle aged gentle woman who is introvert and she doesn't like her husband's habit of socialising with people. So, whenever she finds her house filled with the guests, she starts feeling offensive and uncomfortable. However she doesn't have courage to share her feelings with her husband. She told me that in order to suppress her annoyance and frustration, she started taking some pills and now she's entirely addicted to them. 
So addiction and psychology are intermingled. We mock or ridicule a person who's addicted to something yet we don't give a damn to the reasons why h/she has surrendered to some drug or habit. Generally, we blame the poor character or immorality of an addict and we assume that deliberately he/she is not willing to give up this habit and this is the point where we make a mistake. Actually there're certain reasons why a person becomes the victim to some addiction. Sometimes our environment or surroundings push us to the world of addiction.  Many a time, our circumstances compel us to opt this weird means to relieve our minds from our problems for a specific span of time. Lack of determination also plays a negative role in our lives, I mean, when we're not determined or sure about our goals, we imbibe such habits unknowingly and later we realise that there's no coming back.
Addiction causes fatal repercussions on our physical, mental and emotional well being. The foremost thing is that we become dependent on some drug or habit for our survival. It seems, life without that addiction is not possible and this is really painful. I came across two instances which exhibit how difficult and painful life an addict leads to. In the first instance, I found a person from a well-off family, robbing his neighbour in order to get money for liquor. And the another instance is of a sugar patient who despite his heart attack, wanted to smoke as he felt that he would die if he was not allowed to smoke. The habit of addiction weakens us in various issues such as decision making, firmness of will power, character, behaviour, and self-confidence. It also gives birth to several diseases which make us insecure. 
So, I would like to mention here that if we're eager to quit an addiction we need to have firmness of purpose. Once we take a resolution, nothing could budge us from our decision. So we can have power to live a life of freedom if we decide to come out of the trap of addiction
There're a number of organisations which are working to get addicted people cured yet self-help plays the most significant role in its prevention. 


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