Hello Friends,
How are you all? I had been grappling with several issues in my life and I could not figure out how to overcome them. After lots of introspection, I came across a wonderful conclusion that there is only one today and several tomorrows in our lives. I mean, we keep planning out certain things in our lives such as we'll visit our favorite hill stations after our responsibilities get over or we'll live our lives on our condition once our family duties end up, so on and so forth. But unfortunately, it never happens as after we're done with our responsibilities and assignments, we feel no craving for our own desires or dreams. 

Hence, I believe that there is only one today and several tomorrows in our lives. Well, for days, I had been thinking about what should be prioritize: mind or brain? There was a tough battle between mind and brain which subsequently made me confused.

Eventually, after lots of retrospection, I found out that we ignore our heart throughout our lives. Most of us are habitual of listening to their brains as it is perfect at calculations which, we think, guarantees beneficial results. If you don't believe me, you please ponder about when you listened to your heart the last time. I hope that you've got the answer. Poor heart keeps putting forward its proposals but we quieten it by giving various excuses so in brief, it is always dominated by brain. (Poor fellow!!!)

Life, like a bubble, seems shiny and beautiful yet none of us can predict when it'll burst. Therefore, friends, let's listen to our heart and live our live to its full. We must visit the places, we love to visit, we should learn the skills, we yearn to learn, and we must take out time for ourselves whenever we wish. Since we have only one life, one today (or may be very few tomorrows) and we have to find out the ways which make us feel happy and gratified. Why do we keep procrastinating the moments which make our ‘selves’ feel blessed, loved and cherished? Why do we’ve our entire attention towards others’ satisfaction, love, and appreciation? So, we should save money for ourselves, so that we can see the world. So, we should schedule our time so that we can acquire the skills to make our personality wonderful. We should quit a job if we gives no satisfaction. (though we should wait for the right opportunity to quit it) So, we should do the things which make us feel elated. As we must be familiar with the fact there’s only one today but several tomorrows in our lives.

Take care bad bye.
Mamta Sharma


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