Dirty Things Fascinate Us!!!

This may sound eerie to most of us but this is true up to some extent that Dirty Things Always Fascinate Us. Let’s replay our train of thoughts since our teen age years, when we used to feel pleasure while viewing those sights which were not meant for us or the movies that our parents asked us not to watch. The scenario has not changed yet. Why does this happen? Why do we have such an urge for uncanny things which are not meant for us as teens or adolescent fellows? In the deep, dark and secluded space of our minds, many such things keep rewinding on and on. Folks, we can’t overlook this fact that people get attracted towards black and uncanny things which are considered banned in our civilized society.
So, should we not raise this concern? Should we not discuss the reasons behind this psychology which leads to several other problems? Indeed, we should. The increasing number of juvenile crimes has compelled us to discuss this issue. In our so called modern society, where things have changed rapidly, social norms have not changed a bit.

In our teen years, when several physical and psychological changes take place in our body, we get confused and sometime very scared. In a country like India, teens don’t prefer to share any such problem with their parents nor do the parents encourage their children to talk about such prohibited issues which are considered social taboo. 

  • Poverty

In a poor family where life starts in a tiny room and ends in the same room, when children lose their innocence, they don’t even know. 

  • Modern Technology

In a middle or upper middle-class family, computer system, and now smart phones introduce a weird world of fantasy and adventure to teens. Unfortunately, there's no one who could answer to their curiosity and they fall easy prey to crap and junk behaviour.

  • Lack of Time 

Presently parents are not able to spend time with their children because of their busy schedule. This has left the children secluded and aloof.

  • Education Pedagogy Until and unless we  redesign our  prevalent education system, we can't think of positive changes.

Parents have a Bigger and Active Role to Play in this regard. They must handle the queries of their children pertaining to sexual relation, hormonal changes and their attraction towards the opposite sex.
After our families, schools are the places where children spend most of their time and their teachers or counselors can help them most
NGOs can also conduct the sessions on the specific issues related to child psychology and sexual behaviour. 

If we really concerned for deteriorating societal condition, we will have to change our perception. Blaming teens for their unusual behaviour in this regard will lead us nowhere so it's better to interact over the issues which not only disturb teens only but our entire social system.


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