Side Effects of One-Sided Love!!! Part 1

Hello everyone! Well, let me share a real story with all of you today. Last week, I met an old friend of mine, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh gosh, she was a changed personality now! A svelte, delicate, elegant, and charismatic person had replaced an overweight, double chinned, damsel whose oily face was sprayed with acne always. 

Firstly, I couldn’t recognize her but her smile reminded me of my school friend who shared the tits and bits of her life with me during our free lectures. I couldn’t resist myself from appreciating her magnificent and impressive persona. Though she seemed unaffected by my complement. I found myself spellbound while having interaction with her as she appeared to have acquired very impressive communication skills. I revealed my curiosity to meet her. Like an old school friend, she promised to meet me the next to next week as she had some urgent meeting at in New Delhi and she didn’t want to miss her flight.

No sooner did I bid her good bye than I went into the flashback. I started replaying our school days, when we used to be in high school and she had a crush on a boy who would stay in her vicinity. The boy was very handsome and dashing and he had his own bike which was a big thing back then. But the problem was that he never ever noticed my friend as several girls were his friends. 

My friend revealed her secret to me and I tried to explain my level best to not to get into any affair business as that year was very crucial for us. 10th boards were approaching but this girl was adamant to spill the beans as she was unable to pay any heed to her studies.

 One day, she urged me to accompany her and like a good friend, I did so. But I told her that I would be standing at some distance and she agreed. I could see her approaching toward the boy who looked handsome as usual. Although, I couldn’t hear what conversation took place between them yet I could see the changing expressions of the boy's faces only since the girl had her back toward me.

Within 5-8 minutes, the girl came rushing to me and I saw her face was red because of the embarrassment of rejection. She was crying badly. I couldn't muster my courage to look back yet I did hear a peal of laughter. The gist of the entire episode was the girl's proposal was declined by the boy in a very humiliating way.

I couldn't see my friend for several days as she stopped coming to the school. Her house was very far from mine so I couldn't visit her and mobile phones were not very common those days.

Later she appeared in her board exam and unfortunately she failed. After that I lost my contact with her as I took admission in some other school after I scored well in the exams.

So, the side-effect of one sided love ruined her result and tarnished her image in the school and in her neighborhood. She became the butt of everyone's jokes. 

But after my meeting with her that day, I could see how she bounced back and succeeded. I'm waiting for our next meeting so that I can share her entire story with you all. Please don't forget to go through the remaining part of this blog.
Mamta Sharma


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