Scared to Take Risk: No Risk No Progress!!!

Are We Be Ready To Take Risk In Our Lives? 

Well, I'm pondering about several different issues which have confused me entirely and I'm really not sure about the topic of my blog today. I think, this happens to most of us. Many often, we're in some complex state of mind. We find ourselves in dilemma. We get ourselves standing at a forked road and are not able to decide which road to be taken. In short, this is a very complicated situation and taking risk is the only option left with us.

So, I think the topic of my blog is clear now and this is Are We Be Ready To Take Risk In Our Lives? And the answer is ‘YES’. Sometimes it’s not possible to play a safe game and to achieve the next level; we’ll have to be determined to take risk. But for this, we’ll have to persuade ourselves. As no outsider (even our closest relative or friend) can help us at that point of time. 

When I meet up people during my motivational sessions, I experience that many of them are filled with mammoth energy and have vibrant persona yet they are compelled to live average lives. Why? Despite their extraordinary attributes, they live ordinary lives as they are scared of taking risk. Well, we’ve heard that opportunity knocks once but I feel that opportunities come to us several time in different forms though we’re not able to recognize them and unfortunately, we're not ready to embrace them.

Why are we obligated to live a life which we’d never ever imagined for ourselves? So, I dare those people who are dynamic and have passion for their lives, to take risks. Till the next opportunity knocks at our door, we should endeavor to prepare ourselves for that moment. I mean waiting desperately for our turn is not enough as it frustrates us. So, till that moment, we’ve got time to excel our skills, knowledge and wit which could definitely assist us while taking risk
Mamta Sharma


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