Dedicated to All My Students and My Colleagues

I Wish to Remain a Student Throughout My Life!!!
O Gosh! Finally, I’m a teacher and my students have immense expectation from me yet I feel that I’ve a long way to go. I wish to work more and more on my knowledge and skills as whenever I find myself to have acquired a level, some instance crops up which leaves me questioning my own capabilities. And this provides me a new yardstick to measure my calibre and this goes on and on. I really enjoy this entire phenomenon of excelling and accelerating myself as a person. I’m not sure how long it may take to bridge the gap between my current level and the aspired one but definitely my endeavours will lead me to the strategies for change. This thought doesn’t let me settle down and hence, I wish to remain a student throughout my life!!
But while interacting with some people around me, I feel that we’ve limited ourselves. I mean, we’re not receptive to the new things                                                                                  as we’ve become like the cups which're already full. What happens when we pour tea into an over-brimmed cup, the tea goes waste. In the same way, we’re so filled with our existing knowledge that we’re reluctant to make space for the new knowledge and skills. Creating an ambience for learning is an excellent thing and if it becomes the part of our life, we can experience the miraculous changes in our personality as well as in our life. William James, the founder of modern psychology, once said, ‘Most people live- whether physically, intellectually or morally- in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.’
So, I wish to dream like my students who always have a new zenith to reach. I wish to aspire like my students who are multi-dimensional. Like my students, I wish to add a new dimension to my ‘self’ each and every moment, I wish to have the energy, vigour and exuberance the way my students have, so that my passion to achieve something new doesn't die out. I wish to make my life more joyful and meaningful. Hence, I love to remain a student Throughout My Life!!! 
Happy Teachers' Day!!
reference: Sharma, R. Leadership Wisdom.  Toronto. Harpest Collins Publisher Ltd.


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