You Can Smile!!!

We all know that laughing is the best exercise. Psychological studies prove that laughter frees us from stress and frustration. But have we ever noticed how many times we smile or laugh every single day? I mean, all of us aspire to be successful in our lives and we have some role models who’re extraordinarily flourishing in their specific fields. But, when we look at them while attending some public forums, we find their faces tensed with frowning. How stressed out or offensive they seem!!! They appear much offensive and there’s no sign of joy or satisfaction on their faces. So, it means success brings tension, apprehension and depression along with it. Thus, why do we yearn to be successful when it does bring no pleasant feelings with it? How can we’ve role models who seem to have accumulated immense materialistic wealth yet no intrinsic happiness, satisfaction or peace?

In pursuit of success, we’ve covered a great distance but unfortunately, it still seems very far from us. We don't hesitate to leave our families, cities, even countries sometimes to chase it yet we're not able to pace with this glittering and shining thing. Since morning till late night, we all are rushing and running aimlessly and ironically, we don't know how to grab it.

We all keep planning out to make our lives better without thinking about the intensity of tension or agony we go through for the sake of it. Therefore, the price for our success is more than our expectations and if after acquiring success (each of us has his own definition of success) leads to a life devoid of smile, laughter, mirth and amusement, it's futile and in vain. Life is being wasted away!!! So sad!!! And we’re ignorant and unaware. 

During my motivational session which was conducted recently, I met up a gentleman who said, 'Madam I am successful and happy as well. Every year, I travel different places with my family and I have a sort of life which people can't even imagine of.' I smiled and congratulated him on his golden success. Then I started inquiring about his family and he told me that his old parents preferred to live in the country. I asked him if his parents who're ailing and old are not included in his family, his expressions conveyed how offensive he was feeling at my question. After that, he didn't spoke too much and left.

The best part of our success is that we know what we require and how much is required to live a happy and satisfactory life. Our family which consists of our spouse, children and parents (fortunate people have their parents with them) can multiply the happiness of our success celebration.

At the end

While chasing the non-existential goals of our lives, we shouldn't forget to smile and laugh so that we don't look like aliens to the people who desire to step in our shoes. 

Thus we should smile, laugh and celebrate our success as there's no tomorrow and after we're full, we can think about those people who don't have any reason to smile. 

Mamta Sharma


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