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On Sunday morning, I was travelling, when someone called me up to share something very significant. It was very disappointing to hear the news as it was about a young school boy who committed suicide. The boy was scolded for riding a bike without license because he hit a cycle rickshaw. The boy was sent back home by the principal with a warning to not to repeat the mistake. Everything seemed OK but nobody comprehended what the boy was going through. As soon as the boy reached his place, he took out his father’s revolver and shot himself. Unfortunately, his parents were not present at that time or this tragedy would have been avoided.
The young boy, who would have several dreams about him, couldn’t fulfill them. What a life his parents would have imagined for him but alas this conversation seems futile now. But through my blog, I would like to give a message to all the young boys and girls to not to raise such a step as their lives shouldn’t be ended in this way. No matter how much annoyed they are, how depressed they are, no matter what a blunder, they’ve made but they shouldn’t take such an extreme decision.
Kids, your life belong to your parents as well. They live to see you growing up; they give their blood and flesh to raise you; they have innumerable dreams in terms of your life, career,well-being and prosperity. As soon as such weird ideas (of hurting yourself or committing suicide) knock your heads,you just think about your parents since it’s very hard for them to live without you. Their lives are hollow and aimless without your existence. 
Parents, Teachers and Teen Age Children
In the present scenario, when we all are trapped in the hustle and bustle of life, we, the grown-ups don't have time for our kids. On the other hand, due to massive hormonal changes, the children also are desperate for a new identity. During this strange phase of their lives, they are unfamiliar with what they really wish to have. Now a-days, due to immense responsibilities such as completion of course, taking care of a class of more than 40 students etc, their interaction with the students is not possible. The bond between a teacher and a taught is not the same as it used to be previously.

What should be done

  • The role of teachers and parents has become more significant in such a situation.
  • Now kids have access to a different world which is equipped with modern technologies. Hence, we can’t underestimate them all the time.
  • Parents must take out time to spend with their children.
  • There must be frequent counseling sessions in schools so that the teen age students can get opportunities to share their problems or confusion.
  • Outdoor games and yoga can help children to be physically and mentally strong.
  • The mutual understanding between the parents and the teachers can help children to enhance their skills for a successful personal and professional life.

Our children lay a strong foundation of a healthy society and a prosperous country hence, we need to give them such an upbringing so that they can have ability to differentiate between right and wrong. 

Best Wishes!
Mamta Sharma,
#MIRA (Mai.ra)


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